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Buy Portable Beer Pong Tables

Updated on October 15, 2010

If your a fan of beer pong you know how much fun combining ping pong with a keg can be. This drinking game can get pretty messy though and ruining and warping the wood of a regular ping pong table is expensive. This is why its an awesome idea to buy tournament style beer pong tables meant just for playing the game.

There is a few difference between a beer pong table and a regular ping pong table. Often beer pong tables do not have nets, and they are made of plastic or materials that are okay to get wet and do not stain. Tournament style beer pong tables are often around 8' feet long

Pong A Long Portable Pro Tournament Grade Beer Pong Table

This portable beer pong table folds up to the size of a suitcase. Sets up easy and fast. Super flat surface. Sturdy and lightweight and ready to go for any party.

Spades Beer Pong Table

This Beer Pong Table Set comes with beer cap opener, 6 custom balls, and weighs just 22lbs.

How To Play Beer Pong

The premise of how to play beer pong is really quite simple. Either in teams or individually beer cups are set up at either end of the pull table in a triangle. Either in groups of 6 or 9. Each cup is filled 1/4 or 1/2 way full (to reduce splashing).

Each team takes turns trying to hit the ping pong into the other teams cups by carefully throwing the ball towards the cups. When a opponent gets a ping pong ball in a cup, the other team has to drink it and move the cup to the side. The game is played until one side is all out of cups. The team or player with cup still is the winner and advances on. The player or team who lasts the longest wins.

Best played with 4 or more players. Some people allow one re-rack of cups during a game to bring the cups closer together. Some teams disqualify players who can't finish their cups. Remember to keep a beer

Beer Pong Party Game

My first experience with the drinking game was quite interesting. A tournament of about 16 players, and I had no idea how to play beer pong. I was under the impression we were just getting together to play ping pong and have some drinks. With very little ping pong experience and my light weight stomach some how I got lucky with my shots and my partner and I found ourselves drunk and in second place for the night.

However you choose to play, you know that after a few rounds on a regular ping pong table, the chances of spilled beer are extremely high. There also seems no escaping getting your quality ping pong table wet from the occasionally splashes on the table when the ping pong balls sink in.


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    • Jesusjohn78 profile image


      8 years ago from Ohio

      Great article on beer pong! I have never heard of the game being played with 9 cups before. we always play with 10. You ever check out the World Series of Beer Pong?

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 

      8 years ago from South East Asia

      I must have led a sheltered life. Never heard of one till now. Many thanks.


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