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Buy Bigfoot the Monster Toys Online

Updated on June 21, 2011

Buy Bigfoot the Monster Toy Online and Save!

Bigfoot the Monster Toy Fun
Bigfoot the Monster Toy Fun

Big Foot the Monster Toy - Hot Christmas Toys 2010

Bigfoot the Monster is one of the most unique Christmas toys. 2010 has lots of electronic toys and remote controlled toys, but none like this. Read below for a Bigfoot the Monster review and more information on this hot Christmas toy.

Save money, time, gas, and lots of hassle- Buy Bigfoot the Monster online here. Order now and be done with your Christmas shopping. Plus, currently there is free shipping, too

Don't wait too long to buy Bigfoot the Monster- He is on lots of 'hot toys for Christmas' lists for 2010. If you wait, he may be sold out. He is one of the best Christmas toys because he's so original.

Bigfoot the Monster toy throwing ball
Bigfoot the Monster toy throwing ball
Bigfoot Monster tricks
Bigfoot Monster tricks

Why Buy Bigfoot the Monster for Christmas?

Bigfoot the Monster isn't just any old remote control toy. No, he walks all around, including backwards. The Big Foot rc toy can be happy, mad, or go to sleep. He roars and raises his fists and shakes them when he's angry. When Big Foot the Monster is happy, he laughs. His manners need some work. He burps, but he also says "Excuse me". He can say 80 phrases! He can even throw a ball! Big Foot takes care of himself with exercise.

Big Foot the Monster toy has loads of personality, and really does seem to come to life. Kids will love powering this rc toy. Big Foot will become a good friend.

The Big Foot monster toy is easy enough for 3 year olds and recommended for ages up to 8 years old. It includes a rechargeable battery and battery charger, but needs 2 AA alkaline batteries for the remote.

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Bigfoot the Monster Toy Video Demo

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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      Interesting toy and spin on Fisher-Price labeling the creature (neanderthal, yeti, ) a monster. Well, he does growl & raise his arms, so there ya' go. It is a playful looking toy nonetheless.