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Chess Sets

Updated on December 22, 2013

A Tongue In Cheek Video of How to Play Chess

Chess Sets

The chess set you use when playing a game of chess makes a massive difference. Whether you are using a fun chess set, a standard wooden set or a marble set will change the way you feel about a game and make it much more interesting as well as looking nicer. So it is important to choose the best chess for you and in this article we will be looking at the different chess sets available including glass, wood, marble and onyx, fun themed chess sets like Lord of the Rings, Disney, Roman chess sets and even electronic chess trainers among more!

Such a wide range of excellent chess sets will ensure you find the perfect chess set and if you want to find our more information about a particular set there is a link and a link to Amazon with the prices, photos and reviews by other consumers as well as the fact you can search for chess sets directly from there.

All of this should mean you find the right chess set!

Themed Chess Sets

Themed Chess Sets are excellent as they mix the fun and excitement of a theme with the intellect and strategy of the wonderful game of chess. These theme chess sets make games of Chess appear more exciting and can be a great way to get children to start playing the wonderful game of Chess and the sets look wonderful.

There is such a wide range of themed chess sets around and below are some of my favourite themed chess sets.

Different Types of Chess Sets

There are many different types of chess sets ranging from the standard wooden sets, to onyx and marble sets to The Simpsons Chess and this article will discuss them and also link to an article with even more information about a specific chess set as well as show the price and picture on the USA's most popular online retailer.

We will look at many different types of chess sets so you find the perfect choice whether for a present or for a fun game of chess yourself!

So without further ado, let the hunt for the best chess set begin!

Simpsons Chess Set

The Simpsons Chess Set is a great example of how fun chess sets can be and is an excellent gift for any Simpsons fan as the chess pieces are brilliant versions of the famous Simpsons characters.  This set is also one of the better sets to get children interested in playing chess as they will love the characters and anyone will enjoy this chess set!

The Simpsons Chess Set

Disney Chess Set

The Disney Chess Set really makes chess more fun for princes and princesses! As Hannah Montana would say "you get the best of both worlds!" The fun and fantasy of Disney with the intellect and strategy of playing chess.

The Disney chess set comes with 32 hand painted chess pieces which are famous Disney characters like The Beast, Belle, Hercules, Genie and eight Dalmations among others on the good team and Captain Hook, Cruella, Hades, Scar and eight Hyenas among others on the evil team!

The only problem is that you may always find yourself playing the baddie!

Find out more about the Disney chess set.

Lord of the Rings Chess Sets

There are many different Lord of the Rings chess sets available at great prices from  These sets are perfect for chess and mix fantasy creatures with the startegy of chess making a brilliant combination!

Find out more about LOTR Chess sets and the best Lord of the Rings chess sets.

Roman Chess Sets

The Roman Empire was famous for it's army and that makes a wonderful chess set which is fun, historical and interesting as well as unique.  There is a wide variety of roman chess sets and many come up against other great civilisations like the Greeks.  Many of these sets are of an incredible quality and are handpainted as well as most coming with the chess board. The link below will take you to some of the very best roman chess sets and also some of the cheapest roman chess sets.

Best Price Super Mario Chess With Free Shipping!

Super Mario Brothers Chess Set

Another fun chess set mixing video games with board games and this may be great for Mario fans - and there is a lot out there who are partial to a red moustached Italian plumber! Featuring many classic Mario characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad and more and coming in a lovely collector's box this is a brilliant gift even for Mario fans who don't enjoy a game of chess as the models are brilliant!

The Super Mario Brothers Chess Set is sure to be a hit mixing the world of computer games to a classic game!

There is a picture below so you can see how amazing this chess set looks!

The Super Mario Brothers Chess Set features famous Mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Birdo, Goomba, Toad, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Yoshi and more!
The Super Mario Brothers Chess Set features famous Mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Birdo, Goomba, Toad, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Yoshi and more! | Source

Electronic Chess Trainers

These electronic chess trainer/chess sets are a bit different and bring technology to the great game of chess and it's all the better for it!

Electronic chess trainers let you do more than a normal chess set as you always have a willing opponent with different playing levels and strategies to set.  Apart from that you can also on many of these devices solve chess puzzles, learn the most popular openings, play famous games, go back on your moves and see what could of have happened and even see what the computer is thinking!

Chess trainers really help your chess skills and game as a whole improve and are also fun.  Looking to learn more about electronic chess trainers?

Material Chess Sets

We now move on to the non theme specific chess sets like for example onyx and glass chess sets.  These sets are better if you want a different set but like the look and feel of normal chess pieces and don't want them replaced with other famous characters.

There are some lovely chess sets out there and why not take a look at some of them below?

Onyx Chess Sets

Onyx chess sets are beautiful and are brilliant to use and also look great on display.  If you want a high quality, interesting chess set then an onyx chess set is an excellent choice. 

Lots of onyx chess sets also feature marble and these chess are simply wonderful and have a natural beauty as well as feeling great to play with.

Find out more about Onyx chess sets and see the best onyx chess sets.

Glass Chess Sets

Glass chess sets are also very interesting and different from the standard boring wooden chess sets and make the game a lot less boring. Glass chess sets also often look very elegant and stylish to and look great in a modern home or apartment.

If you want a different chess set, then choose glass.

Find out more about Glass chess sets and the best glass chess sets.

Magnetic Chess Sets

If you want to place chess on the move and you travel around a lot then a magnetic chess set will be a good choice.  The other advantage of magnetic chess sets are you can't lose the pieces and again it looks more interesting than a cheap wooden set!

Find out more about magnetic chess sets and the best magnetic chess sets.

What`s Your Favorite?

What is your favorite chess set

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Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!

Chess Sets

I hope you have found this article about the best chess sets and different types of chess sets very useful for finding a great chess set that you or the lucky receiver will enjoy playing chess with and will encourage them to play more chess and becoming a better chess player. Chess is a really good game and will I would never say it is the best game ever, it is really good and makes you think too and is not boring if you play properly.

The chess sets on this hub and on the links to other excellent chess articles feature the very best chess sets of there type for the most people. I would also recommend buying your chess sets from - the U.S.A's number 1 online retailer as they offer reliable service, free shipping on orders over $25, brilliant and competitive prices as well as independent sellers with their own feedback if an item is out of stock! You really cannot beat them!

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Thank you for being an excellent reader and finding this site and I hope you liked this page!

I also welcome any comments about chess, chess sets or about the article but no spam will be tolerated!

The comments box is right at the bottom of this hub!

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