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Buy Farmville for Dummies and Find Out How to Become the Richest Farmer on Facebook

Updated on June 10, 2011

Looking to be the richest farm owner on facebook's Farmville? Good luck! There's so much to learn and do on farmville sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. Farmville now has an estimated 80 million users worldwide but despite the huge amount of players, there still isn't a complete guide to the game. But if you're willing to learn, the Dummies series of books has the perfect how to guide to make your farmville farm thrive. Farmville for Dummies!

This is the most definitive guide to Farmville anywhere. Sure, you can find bits and pieces of info and strategies online, but no where is there such a condensed, detailed and most importantly, easy to understand guide available.

Farmville for Dummies is extensive, with 288 pages of info on the game, waiting for you to discover.

It's ideal for novice players and gives ample help in getting setup with the game. It's also great for veteran players who can use Farmville for Dummies to polish their skills and learn new strategies.

Some of the info you can find in this book includes:

  • Help on getting set up with Farmville. How to download and setup the application on Facebook, yahoo or mobile phones.
  • Shows you how to find friends and neighbors
  • How to purchase coins and cash
  • How to choose a profession
  • Shows you how to build your farm and construct buildings.
  • Find out ways to earn awards and ribbons

If you are interested in starting Farmville, or a veteran farmer looking to take your farm to the next level then do yourself a favor and pick up this guide and let your farm truly prosper. Don't waste your time on unproven books and strategy guides elsewhere. There are so many sites and poorly put together ebooks available online that are never worth your money. However, when you buy Farmville for Dummies you know what you are getting. The dummies series has been around for years and has published over 1,700 books on a diverse subjects, all of which are well known for being easy to understand and chocked full of helpful information. 

Pick it up and let Farmville for Dummies make you the richest farmer on facebook!


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