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Buy Fat Brain Toys Online

Updated on September 7, 2011

What Are Fat Brain Toys?

Fat Brain Toys is a line of educational toys that will challenge your child's intellect and stretch their imagination. Fat Brain toys offer over 2,700 toys for kids of all ages. Their toys provide the latest, safest, most purposeful, learning toys you can buy today.

Fat Brain Toys are made in America. They make toys and games geared toward specific interests, ages, and price ranges.

Fat Brain Toys make the perfect gift idea whether is for for Christmas, birthday or just because. A child will love playing with Fat Brain Toys because its fun and a parent will love it because the child is learning. It is a perfect combination of playing and learning.

Fat Brain Toys: Dado Building Blocks

Dado building blocks combine art and science while exploring the principals of architecture such as as proportion, balance, structure and color. Dado blocks offer a new twist on classic building blocks, as the slits on each cube are interlocked to create an unlimited number of three-dimensional structures.

Fat Brain Toys: Twig Building Block Sets

Twig building block sets are modern building blocks designed for learning and old fashioned fun.
Each Twig set consists of 72 wooden pieces and a cotton drawstring storage bag. All the block are compatible with each other and completely interactive between components. A child has the ability to build unlimited combinations.

The Twig building block sets are perfect for little boys from age 2 to 4. He will love playing with the set for hours on end using imagination to build to his heart contents.

Fat Brain Toys: Reptangles

Reptangles are turtles that snap together. Reptangles are a 2010 award winning toy. Reptangles are clever and colorful and can snap and slide together in over 100 incredible ways! Each set of 24 Reptangles comes with a full-color bonus activity book.

This toy is perfect for preschoolers to about 8 years old. Younger preschoolers may find them hard to snap together but the learning and entertainment potential is high.

Fat Brain Toys: Inchimals

Inchimals teach kids by exploring counting, number values and recognition, scale, fine motor skills, language and logic along with a puzzle book! The activities in the Inchimals puzzle book are designed to progress in difficulty so that even young children may have success with problem solving.

Inchimals can be used in many ways and is definitely a learning toy as well as an enjoyable game.

Fat Brain Toys: Animalogic

Animalogic is a puzzle game that is perfect for 4, 5 and 6 year olds. Kids have to use their brain logically to figure out how to get all the animals to safety while the river is rising. There are 60 possible puzzles with 5 levels of difficulty.

Animalogics is an entertaining way to teach sequencing, color and object recognition and matching. This puzzle game is perfect for preschoolers and they will love it.

Fat Brain Toys: Tri-Spy

Tri-Spy is a fast-paced game that challenges players to think, look and react quickly while attempting to spot and match patterns. Tri-Spy is the ultimate visual challenge that promotes concentration, pattern recognition and problem solving!

Tri-spy fits into the 7-10 year old age groups and is a great family game to play with adults.

Fat Brain Toys
Fat Brain Toys


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