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Buy Fijit Friends Interactive Toys Online - Prices, Names & Cheapest Cost

Updated on August 3, 2012

Fijit Friends Interactive Toys For Children

If you are looking for Fijit Friends then you are in the right place. Here we take a close look at the new toy craze for children known as Fijit Friends. We review the toys, find out what exactly Fijit Friends can do, look at Fijit Friends prices, names and where exactly you can buy them from online. If you want the ideal gift for children at Christmas then Fijit Friends could well be for you.

Fijit Friends from Mattel are predicted to be one of the biggest selling Christmas toys this year. If you want to get ahead of the crowd and buy your child one of these adorable little toys then here is a good place to start. So now before we look at prices and where to buy them, what exactly are Mattel Fijit Friends?

Sage, Logan, Willa & Serafina

What Are Fijit Friends?

Well put simply Fijit Friends are cute lovable doll like toys that are interactive and ideal for young children. Aimed mainly at ages 6 and upwards these toys are going to be huge over the next few years. Unlike a teddy bear or a doll, Fijit Friends are made from rubber. They are soft and comfortable on a child’s hands and will bend and stretch when children play with them.

There are four characters in the Fijit Friends range. There names are Willa, Sage, Serafina and Logan. Each character has their own unique color, style and personality. The idea behind these loveable characters is that they are an interactive toy that your child can chat to, dance with and play with. The technology used in these is very impressive and they really do have a nice range of abilities to keep your child entertained.

Each Fijit Friend can respond to over 30 different phrases spoken by your child. So for instance if your child says ‘How do I look?’. The response will be ‘Oh Yeah looking good.’ There are 150 phrases in each Fijit Friend and they are all designed to be warm friendly encouraging remarks designed to make children laugh and smile. The Fijit Friends also have the ability to tell jokes and there is an extensive list of material that they can deliver.

Another unique ability of these toys for children is that they can actually dance. You play a song and a piece of software will recognize the beat and move in time to it. They bend and stretch of their own accord and will dance along with your child. They also have four songs programmed into each friend and your child can learn the song and sing along. The songs are unique to each different character so if you buy Sage you will get a different set of songs to if you buy Willa.

The idea behind having four separate character names is that each one has their own personality. This is designed so you can pick the best one for your child. So you have Willa who is the purple stylish one of the group. Serafina is the pink one and is very girlie and sweet. Sage is green and is the adventurer who likes to do things a little differently. Then finally you have Logan who is blue and is the sporty one who loves to be out and about getting involved in anything physical.

Fijit Friends Prices & Where To Buy Online

As we mentioned at the outset of this article, Fijit Friends are set to be one of the most in demand toys over the Christmas period, so where can you get yours early? Well one of the best places online to buy your toys is over on Amazon, here the prices for Fijit Friends are quite reasonable and they still have plenty in stock. For an individual Fijit Friend you are looking at around $45. You can buy a set of four but this doesn’t really seem to work out much cheaper.

The toys are10.5 x 4.9 x 8.5 inches which makes them just a nice size for children. The recommended age is six years and up although there are no small or dangerous parts that should be an issue. Each toy takes 5 AA batteries but these are included with the toys which makes them slightly better value. The instructions included are fairly easy to follow and you should have no problem getting to grips with this new toy.

As well as the main four Fijit Friends characters you can also buy accessory packs for each friend. You can pick these up for around $15 dollars and then include things such as ears to put onto your Fijit Friend and even a friendship bracelet that your child can wear. These are not essential items but chances are that if your child has one of the toys they would also like the accessory pack as well.

One Of The Newbies

New From Fijit Friends

Since the original four Fijits came out there have been more characters introduced. Early in 2012 we were given the Fijit Friends Newbies, these smaller versions of the toys are also interactive and will actually communicate with one of the original toys if you put them next to each other. The Newbies are cheaper and you can usually pick them up for around $15, so they are very good value.

The latest release from the line are the new Yippits which are now available. These are the latest addition to the family. These are really impressive looking and we will see four new characters with lots of new moves. Again these can be paired up with the originals toys and you can get them singing and dancing in harmony. These are likely to be cheaper than the original toys but more expensive than the Newbies, we expect the Yippits to retail at around $50. If last year is anything to go by then the Yippits could well be one of the biggest selling toys over the Christmas period.

As you can see these really are lovely little toys and will be very popular with children for a long time to come. The prices of Fijit Friends are still quite reasonable so no doubt these will be snapped up in no time. If you want to buy these online then as we said, Amazon is a good place to try. These toys really are wonderful interactive fun for children and will no doubt delight many children over the Christmas period.


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