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Buy Gogos Crazy Bones Mutants

Updated on July 1, 2010

Gogo's Crazy Bones are small collectible figures that are extremely popular around the world. Crazy Bones have been released in a huge number of different series each with different characters. Originally each series had about 80 different Gogos, but now they are being released in smaller sets with some variations. Some of the set are rarer than others and each character has a unique face and name. The added extras with each range varies from Stickers to Cards to Key rings and also Collecting Tins.

The original idea behind Crazy Bones was an Ancient Greek game, called Tabas, played by children using sheep's knucklebones that was very similar to modern day marbles.

Series 1 was the original series of Crazy Bones and this was then followed by Crazy Bones Evolution which was Series 2 about half of which were translucent with embedded glitter. Series 3 was titled Crazy Bones Explorer and featured 80 different bones each available in 4 normal colours and a 5th 'laser' metallic colour. This hub features Series 4 which was titled Crazy Bones Power and this time featured 90 bones of which 40 were normal bones, 40 were metallic bones, and 10 were 'Most Wanted' rare metallic bones with added paint steps.

Since 2000 Toy Craze, the current license holder for Crazy Bones have released smaller sets of original Crazy Bones in slightly different forms such as Mutants, Aliens, Sports etc. These are mutated or recreated in different forms of the original.


Crazy Bones Mutants Single Figures

There are 20 different Crazy Bones to collect in the Mutant Set all in different colours and with different attributes. These Crazy Bones are based on favourites from the Original Series that have mutated into another form.

Some of the Crazy Bones available in Series 4 are Teachers Pet, Jaws, Froggy, Grumpy plus loads of others.

Crazy Bones Mutant Packs

The Crazy Bones Mutant Foil Pack contains 4 random Crazy Bones Mutant Variations plus 4 Mutant Stickers and a Game Card.

These Foil packs are a great way of expanding your collection quickly and cheaply and are readily available on Amazon and Ebay.

These Series 4 Packs can also be bought in packs of 5 (that is 20 Crazy Bones and 20 Stickers), or packs of 10 (that is 40 Crazy Bones and 40 Stickers) or Boxes of 30 (that is 120 Crazy Bones and 120 stickers) if you really wanted to expand your set big time.

Crazy Bones Booster Foil Pack Mutants
Crazy Bones Booster Foil Pack Mutants

Mutant Foil Packs from Amazon


Crazy Bones Mutant Handbook

The Crazy Bones Mutant Handbook is essential reading for all collectors of Crazy Bones Mutants. This book contains 32 pages of information on the MutantCrazy Bones with heaps of pictures and rules on how to play 7 different games with the Crazy Bones. The games included are;

  • Scoring
  • Bowling - where players line up multiple pieces and 'bowl' a further piece at them. A bit like ten pin bowling.
  • On-Line - where players throw pieces towards a line on the ground and the closest to the line wins.
  • Battle - where players line up multiple pieces and flick them towards the opposing players pieces in an attempt to knock them over.
  • K.O.
  • In Flight - where players throw a piece into the air and then try to pick up a second piece whilst the first is still in the air. Then they throw the two pieces in the air and try to pick up a third and so on until they fail. A bit like Jacks.
  • Basket - where players attempt to bounce pieces into a box.

There is also an indepth description of all the characters, what they look like and which ones are rare or ultra-rare.

Plus this book is also a Sticker album and so there are pages and pages of places to stick the Mutants stickers for each character, each with information about each character..

This book is available on Ebay by using the links to the right, these may be new or used versions.


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