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Buy Loopz Game by Mattel Online

Updated on July 15, 2011

Buy Loopz Game by Mattel Online Now for Christmas!

Loopz Game by Mattel - Popular Toys for Christmas
Loopz Game by Mattel - Popular Toys for Christmas

Loopz Game by Mattel - One of the Hot Toys for Christmas 2010

Another popular Christmas toy appearing on many hot Christmas toys 2010 lists is the memory and music Loopz game by Mattel. Loopz has been predicted by many retail toy experts to be one of this holiday season's hot Christmas toys. You know what that means. Did you try to buy a Zhu Zhu hamster last year? Or Tickle Me Elmo a few years back? Yeah, shopping for the Mattel Loopz game may be just like that- nearly impossible.

But no worries, just order right now from the links below and be assured that you will have a Loopz game (or 2, or 3), wrapped up under your Christmas tree. And even better, right now at least, if you order from the link below you will get free shipping, too! But don't wait- if the Loopz game becomes wildly popular, it will become out of stock online at some point as well. The 4 AA batteries needed are even included!

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What Is Loopz Mattel Game?

Loopz Game is an interesting and unique concept. It is a musical memory game. There are 7 different ways to play, so you don't get bored. A person can play alone, against one another, or up to 4 people can play.

It is easy enough for a 7 year old to play, but fun and challenging enough for adults. Mix your own music, too!

Watch the Loopz game video below to see the fun and cool stuff that can be done with this cool Christmas toy by Mattel.

How to Play Loopz Game

It is called Loopz because the loops flash in patterns of music and light. The player must repeat the pattern correctly by moving their hands through the loops. You can miss three times, but then 'game over'. The lights and music get faster and more complicated as you advance. It's like an updated version of that classic electronic Simon game from the 80s.

It's a lot of fun to play alone, head to head, or have a competition with family and friends- up to 4 people at a time can play. The game records each player by measuring their individual skill levels, speed, and grade.

Watch Loopz Band Comic Con Video

Loopz Comic Con 2010 - Watch Someone Play

Buy Loopz Game by Mattel Online

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