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Buy Mega Brands Battle Strikers Metal XS

Updated on March 9, 2011

Battle Strikers Metal XS are controllable Spinning Tops similar to Beyblades that are produced by Mega Brands. In the past you had to shred your fingers ripping loose with a rip cord in order to send a small spinning top careering off on its merry way. Thats now a thing of a pass with a super Turbo Launcher to do your dirty work and set these suckers off at up to 7500 rpm and then once their off and spinning you can use the in built magnetic technology to control the spinning top by using the finger tip Micro Controller.

Metal XS Battle Strikers are made up into 3 teams, there is Team Phantom, Team Predator and Team Paladin and each team is made up of 4 strikers.

Mega Brands have so far released 3 series of Battle Strikers, Series 1 and 2 and the all new Metal XS which this hub concentrates on, plus there are lots of accessories like Battle rings and other bits and pieces.

Battle Strikers Ultimate Battle Tournament No. 29752

The first thing you need if you are new to Battle Strikers is the Ultimate Battle Tournament Set that came as part of the Metal XS Series, this set includes two exclusive Metal XS Strikers, Raptor and Sentinel, two Magnetic Controllers, two Turbo Launchers and an Ultimate Battle Arena. This gives you everything you need for 2 player tournament battles right out of the box.

You launch your Battle Striker from your Turbo Launcher and manouevre it around the Battle Arena by use of you Magnetic Controller. Raptor is specifically designed for Attack but has a fairly weak Defence but its control is woeful. Sentinel however is the complete opposite strong on defence but has little attack or control. This sets up a real battle of wits between these two opposite Strikers.

The Metal XS Ultimate Battle Tournament Set featuring Raptor and Sentinel is available on Ebay and can be purchased by following the links to the right. Alternatively this can be bought from Amazon by following the link below.

Battle Strikers Ultimate Battle Tournament available from Amazon

Team Phantom

Team Phantom is made up of savage fiends that suck the energy from their opponents and contains 4 Battle Strikers.

  1. Dragun - who has superb control, average defence and weak attack. It has a unique top-and-bottom symmetry which allows it to attack from both above and below.
  2. Pyrotaur - who has strong attack and average defence and control. Its weapon is engulfed in a ring of fire and its Stealth Tip allows it to move around the Arena quickly and powerfully.
  3. Grimnir - who has reasonable control, average defence and a weak attack. Its skeletal scythe attack help you to cut down your opponents and shield from oncoming attackers.
  4. Odinskull - who has superb defence, reasonable attack but woeful control. Its powerful black spikes can be used to push back your opponents.

Team Phantom Battle Strikers for sale on Amazon

Team Predator

Team Predator are guardians of the land and sea, these fierce animals tear the opposition apart with vicious attacks and is made up of 4 Battle Strikers.

  1. Talonthor - who has superb defence, reasonable control and weak attack. I Its powerful steel wings provide fortress-like defense from incoming attacks.
  2. Asleon - who has strong attack and average defence and weak control. Its powerful pinning-attack profile forces opposing Strikers into the Arena floor and causes them to spin out.
  3. Fangrir - who is a bit of a nothing. It has average control and attack and a weak defence. A powerful momentum-focused design places the weight in all the right places to increase spin time but you have to work to make it win.
  4. Megalodon - who has good attack and control and above average defence. Its powerful, smooth slopes allow you to slide under the opponent's Striker and knock them out.

Team Predator Battle Strikers for sale on Amazon

Team Paladin

Team Paladin uses intense fighting techniques to take their opponents down and is made up of 4 Battle Strikers.

  1. Masumai - who has superb attack, reasonable defence and OK control. It has two powerful katana swords that are used to cut and throw the opponent out of the Arena.
  2. Valkyria - who has good attack and OK defence and control. Its sloped armour and wing design allow it to toss opposing Strikers into the air.
  3. Rebelon - who has superb attack, an OK defence but woeful control. Its powerful spiked knuckle attack destabilizes opponents and makes them vulnerable to quick knock-outs.
  4. X-Calibur - who has superb attack and great control although has a shocking defence. Its sharp armour and sword blades create massive impacts when they clash with other Strikers.

Team Paladin Battle Strikers available from Amazon

Battle Strikers Case No. 29439

One of the great new accessories that came as part of Series Metal XS is the wonderful new Strikers Case. Now you can take your Battle Strikers arsenal wherever you want easily without worrying about losing bits and pieces.

You can disassemble your Strikers and organize your Weapons, Boosters and Tips in the handy storage tray for instant Striker builds and secure storage. It even fits snugly into the Battle Arena for instant access when on the job.

This case even comes with a Dragonfire II Metal XS Striker and extra parts to allow you to start customizing immediately.

The Metal XS Battle Strikers Case is available on Ebay and can be purchased by following the links to the right.


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