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Buy Mosaic Kits for Kids Online

Updated on June 10, 2011

Mosaic Kits for Kids

Mosaic kits for kids are a great way to introduce kids to the magical world of mosaic making.

Mosaic making is a craft where small pieces of glass, stone, ceramic or any other objects are used to a make pictures or decorate objects.

Once proficient in the art it's possible to create stunning designs from a whole host of broken household objects such as crockery and ceramics, but when starting out the best thing to choose from the range of mosaic kits for beginners currently available. This way you start with a ready defined project and are provided with the tiles and tools you need.

As young kids and tile cutters are not generally a great combination to let loose together many of the mosaic kits for children that are available are based sticky mosaic.

Sticky Tile Mosaic Kits

Sticky mosaic kits are ones where the 'tiles' - normally small colorful pieces of plastic - are sticky on their reverse side, meaning children can have all the fun of creating designs without running any risk of hurting themselves with 'grown up' tools.

Of course you put kids and sticky mosaics together in the same room and there's a good chance that the sticky tiles will end up in more places that they are supposed to. However that's just an occupational hazard of having kids, and is more that out-weighed by the benefits of several hours of peace and quiet for you while the kids are busy with their mosaics.

Magnetic Mosaic Kits

Another option when looking for mosaic kits for kids are the magnetic ones. In these the tiles are magnetized and are stuck to a magnetic board to create pictures. These are designed specifically for very young children and the designs can be re-used time and time again.

Mosaic Mirrors, Jewelry Boxes and Other Mosaic Projects

For a more arts and crafts feel it can be great fun to do a project, such as make a mosiac mirror, and there are some lovely mosaic kits for kids that do just this.

Your child can decorate mosaic mirrors, mosaic jewelry boxes, tiaras and even the front cover of a diary to keep their secrets in.

This way not only do they have all the fun of doing the mosaic, they also get something practical that they can use at the end of it.


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