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Buy Nerf Toys Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

One of my favorite kind of toys of all time are Nerf toys. Why? Because of how safe they are and how fun they can be while at the same time not be very dangerous (I know, a little wordy, but you get the idea). Nerf toys can be fun for the entire family; for example a game of cops and robbers around the house with an array of new Nerf guns can end with everyone laughing together. Plus they're a great gift for birthdays and Christmas.

Nerf toys have been around for over a decade, and over that decade many new Nerf toys have been released, released, and revamped. What this means is now has never been a better time to buy Nerf toys online; they're a cheap toy that is bundles of fun.

The next question: what kind of Nerf toy for sale is for you? Perhaps you're only concerned about the new Nerf guns 2011, or want the best Nerf toy guns from 2010? Or maybe you want the Nerf scope, the Nerf crossbow, and even, if you're lucky, will find a Nerf longshot for sale. The point is that there are many different Nerf toys to choose from (like the Nerf blaster) and all of them are a great gift, and are great fun, for just about anyone.


Nerf Toys For Sale

When there are so many Nerf toys to choose from it's hard to decide what to buy, let alone for who to buy it for.  Some Nerf toys, like most Nerf gun for sale, are meant for an older age group; while some Nerf toys, like the Nerf pinpoint sight, are meant for younger.

The Following is Available: 

  • Nerf Spartan 
  • Nerf Scope
  • Nerf Crossbow
  • Nerf Longshot For Sale
  • Vulcan Nerf
  • Nerf Pinpoint Sight
  • Nerf Blaster

Nerf Blaster For Sale

One of my favorite Nerf toys for sale are from the category deemed as Nerf blasters.   Nerf blasters are just what they sound like, Nerf toy guns that are ready for all kinds of battle.  Nerf blasters usually will be able to rapid fire darts, and come with stands, as well as the ability to change the dart size.  The result is an all encompassing Nerf toy for sale that is almost perfect.

One of my favorite Nerf blasters to buy online is the Vulcan Nerf toy.   The Vulcan Nerf blaster come with 25 darts that you can feed into the gun at a rapid speed.   It comes with a removable tripod that folds easily, as well as ammo box to store your darts when you're not using them.  And at a cheap price this is one of the best Nerf toys of 2010 and 2011.

Most Nerf blasters for sale are like the Vulcan Nerf toy.  The Nerf Longshot blaster has a similar build except for a few notable differences.   It comes with two re-loadable clips and, the best part, can shoot upwards of 35 feet!

Nerf Longshot For Sale

One of the most popular kinds of Nerf toys are the Nerf longshots.  There's something about the ability to be able to shoot a dart over 30 feet that is appealing to kids (it makes for some pretty fun Nerf battles) and therefore the Nerf Longshot is one of the bestselling Nerf products every year. 

And what Nerf toy gun, you ask, leads the way every year?  None other than the Nerf N-Strike Longshot.   This thing is a beast (if you could call any Nerf toy such a thing).   It's a two in one blaster, with the blaster being more than 3 feet long!  It can launch both foam arrows and darts over 30 feet, and can do so with precision and accuracy.   The best part?  It comes with a quick-reload clip so you're never out of the battle.

All Nerf  Longshots for sale are the newest version of the Nerf toys (2010 and 2011) and will all shoot over 30 feet. 

Nerf Crossbows For Sale

Now for my personal favorite Nerf toy, maybe of all time.  The Nerf Crossbow.  The Nerf crossbow is, in my opinion, the perfect Nerf toy.  I mean, it shoots Nerf arrows over 10 feet, and it makes you feel like you're in some medieval battle.  Awesome. 

Foam strike crossbows will come with dual power cords for extra strength and durability, as well give you a more precise shot.  The crossbow arms will lock back when you want to shoot, making Nerf crossbows ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. 

The majority of Nerf crossbows will comes with at least 3 arrows.  So stock up.

Nerf Pinpoint Sight For Sale

For anyone just starting out with Nerf toys and looking for their first Nerf toy gun to buy, the Nerf Pinpoint sight kit is one of the best ways to go.


It comes with 10 Nerf darts, a mission kit, as well with a Nerf pistol that has an aiming mechanism that will make you never mix. The ultimate starter toy.



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