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Should You Buy StarCraft II Wings of Liberty (StarCraft Two, StarCraft 2) – Strategy Game of the Future

Updated on January 26, 2014

StarCraft II the thinking Mans Game?

With over $100 million invested is StarCraft 2 on your video game watch list? Over 11 million copies have been sold of the Original StarCraft since 1998!  Continuing from the original… StarCraft II features the races Protoss, Zerg, and Terran do battle with an expected release date of July 27, 2010.

"There is no shortage of consumers for 'StarCraft'," Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick said

Each race will be further distinguished from each other with new units and new game play options, as well as new abilities for some classic StarCraft unites that will reappear in the new sequel Download it, buy it, however you get it... this is the hottest game release this summer… and sure to be a mega hit in Korea.

StarCraft II features a custom 3D graphics engine with super realistic physics and the ability to render large super detailed units and massive armies on your screen simultaneously.

I have been out of gaming for some time due to a commitment to building my business but this new release just looks too good to pass on.  Don’t expect to play this on your old PC however… to take full advantage of the new game you’ll want some power under the hood. StarCraft II is available in a MAC and PC version. Blizzard Entertainment:  StarCraft II System Requirements

The Reviews are in - The Good and The Bad of Starcraft 2

I'm updating this article to reflect the views of people months after release of Starcraft II. The reviews are equally split it seems, people either love this game or they are not impressed at all. Which side will you take?

The Good Reviews for Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

  • Ok Multiplayer just rocks. I spent 10 hours today playing head to head with my friends and against others. Its really good. From time to time people may crash and then the game gives you the win after 45 seconds. The chat is great, you can talk to your allies, your team mate and the opponents by just hitting tab. The achievements are great and really fun. I am still doing the unranked challenges, you get 50 total then you are ranked. By then you should know what your doing. You can create your own custom games, maps and setup. Very customizable.
  • I was one of the few who bashed this game early on and gave it a one star; I still, however, bought the game and played it all the way through and must admit that Blizzard did one heck of a job with the game. If your playing this on a computer with decent capabilities, the graphics will amaze you and the storyline in the campaign will thrill. It leaves me yearning to play some more! I honestly can't wait for the sequel to get released if you know what I mean. I'm just extremely curious to see how the implement the zerg campaign since I did get the feeling that they aren't where they need to be.
  • What can I see except that Blizzard never disappointments. The level of detail put into each mission is astounding, with gorgeous backdrops and great textures. One of the best features of the game is that it looks amazing even on older rigs. On ultra settings, the game is just incredible, and no one should be complaining about the amazing work that has gone into this stunning game. The cut scenes, the missions, everything is stellar, even if you don't have the latest graphics card.
  • While most of the gameplay remains the same, much of the strategy has evolved. Perhaps the most notable improvement, however, lies in the graphics and the multi-player ladder system. As your gameplay improves, you are matched against better players such that you are never significantly over- or under-classed.

The Middle Ground for Wings of Liberty

  • I love this game and would recommend it to anyone. A few drawbacks: lacks chat rooms, lacks joinable online replays, lacks clan support / clan tags. Also, Zerg is a bit weak IMO. Otherwise great game
  • Some have complained that, at least for now, there are only Terran missions in single player. That's correct. But I think that, in total, there are more missions in SC2 (Terran only) than there were in SC1 (all 3 races combined). I could be wrong about that, but I don't recall there being all that many missions in SC1 (but it's been 6+ years since I last looked at SC1).
  • Lets start off by giving Blizzard some credit on the campaign. I really like what they have done with the campaign in Starcraft 2. Giving you more of a story that you play along to, rather then the old campaign mode of just base building and destroying Zerg or Protoss because they are on some planet. The new campaign mode is challenging and also allows you to choose your own path. Although this isn't the complete game, just the Terran story. The expansions are rumored to come out in the future and tell the story through the eyes of the Zerg and Protoss.

The People who Were Less Impressed with Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

  • My biggest problem with this game is one thing. No LAN. Seriously Blizzard? One of the main perks of the original game was being able to play with all of your friends in a basement while drinking soda all night. You can't do that anymore which is a major killer. Ironically this person gave the game a 5 star rating?
  • In 2010 Blizzard released Starcraft 2...No more LAN. No more dependable, secluded nights playing on the local internet with your buddies. No, now everyone has to log in and go through their security checkpoint to play someone their computer is connected to directly. down? Tough luck. Internet connection issues? Oh well. It's not like the capability to do this has been available in games for around for two decades now.
    Let me rephrase: 20 years after I could connect two gameboys together to play pokemon, my friends can't connect their two decked out gaming computers together to play the biggest game in e-sports.
  • Be prepared for a terrible customer service. Blizzard no longer is what it's used to be. Customer satisfactions is not top priority anymore. Is this because activision aquired Blizzard? Maybe, the fact is, Blizzard is going downhill when it comes to treat it's customers. Respect is not the word for the moment.

Those are some of the more relevant opinions about Starcraft 2, and the opinions run rampant as in spite of the pro or cons the game sells well.



StarCraft II Wings of Liberty

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