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Buy Kids Toy Hair Salon or Beauty Salon Online

Updated on September 11, 2011

Little Girls Toy Hairdresser Set Toy Beauty Salons

A toy hairdresser set is perfect for little girls as they love dressing up and playing with their hair and makeup. This also makes either a toy hair salon or a toy beauty salon a perfect present too.

When girls are young they love to experiment. They soak up everything they see and want to be just like Mum. Meanwhile Mum wants them to have all the fun of playing, but not at the expense of using her favorite makeup and hair products ~ and a pretend salon, be it beauty or hair, is the solution.

Imaginative play is an important part of growing up, a way of trying things out in a safe manner, it's why kids love things like a beauty salon play set as it means they can pretend to be a world class hair stylist or makeup artist, practice on friends and family to their hearts content and no-one ends up with permanent pink hair or eyebrow tattoos.

What's more the next day they can start all over in another imaginary world.

Dream Dazzler Beauty Salon Range

The Dream Dazzler range of hair and beauty salon toys is perfect for young girls.

To start with there is the Dream Dazzler So Chic Salon Chair with Smock, which in addition to the chair and smock comes with scissors, comb and a spray bottle. This is really aimed at 3 - 5 year olds as the chair is small, but the reality factor is high.

Once you have the chair you need the rest of the kit and for this there is the Beauty Salon Storage Cart, complete with mirror, brush, comb, mixing bowl and other accessories to really make your little one feel the part.

Or how about the Dream Dazzler So Chic Stylist Belt - this is the ultimate in 'have (pretend) blow dryer, will travel' toy and means girls can practice the art of hairdressing and beauty wherever they go.

Dream Dazzler Styling Heads

 If you're not convinced you want your little angel trying out her new found hairdressing and salon skills on you then the answer is a Dream Dazzler Styling head.

With this she can practice to her hearts delight on something that won't complain if their hair is being pulled. Then to take it one step further she can try out the Dream Dazzler Hair Colorist set too.

Other Hair and Beauty Salon Products

 There are plenty other hair and beauty salon toys to choose from, including the Disney Princess Beauty Tote bag complete with battery operated hair dryer (cool air only) for those Disney Princess fans.

Then there's the Barbie Style Salon Nikki playset for the Barbie fans and the Small Miracles Lets Pretend Hairdresser stylist jacket complete with play blow dryer and curling iron and brush.

Playing has never been so much fun.


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