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Buy World of Warcraft Pets | The End of World of Warcraft?

Updated on November 6, 2009

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Blizzard recently introduced 'for pay' pets, pets you can buy for, you know, actual money. My boyfriend, who is an avid Warcrafter (four times a week raider, occasional table pounding nerd rager if the prospect of wiping on a final attempt rears its ugly head,) was rather snide about the whole thing. “They're useless, they just sit there and look pretty,” he said with a wondering expression whilst curling his lip in disdain for anyone who would buy anything just to look good. (This is a man who does not understand games like The Sims 3 at all.)

“Of course,” I replied, in my best conspiracy theory voice, “That's because it's not about the pets, it's about introducing the concept of paying for additional game content in a non threatening way. Today it is a silly little pet that looks cute, in a couple of years time, you could be looking at buying entire armor sets.”

He looked at me with horror in his eyes, but he realized the truth of my words. I make a prediction now, this 6th of November 2009, that within two years, World of Warcraft will have content for sale that significantly impacts a player's abilities and attributes in the game world. It will change the whole way the game is played of course, right now if you invest 80 hours a month, you will be much better off than someone who only plays a few hours a week. But with the introduction of being able to buy your way better, the game will change forever. Will people like it? No. Will people buy gear in order to be better? Yes. I believe so. Blizzard has already crafted a game that breaks up relationships and turns normal human beings into game addicts, there is no reason why the same guy who forgets his girlfriend's birthday and doesn't notice when she leaves him isn't going to spend his hard earned real world money on making his Warcraft representative even more fearsome.

At the moment, Blizzard only gets 15 bucks a month from its most avid gamers, but it has to know (yes I refer to Blizzard like some kind of hive mind creature,) that there are those who would pay more, much, much more to be even more elite than they are currently. There are massive real world gold reserves out there and I am sure that Blizzard is on its way towards starting the process where tapping them seems natural and is even welcomed by hardcore Warcraft players.


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    • gamergirl profile image

      Kiz 8 years ago from Antioch, TN

      I can see Blizzard offering special gear on a two or three option currency system. Either pay 15,000 gold, or 100 emblems and 5000 gold, or $10. Something like that. But I don't see them attempting to implement a system like that for some time, and with Cataclysm coming up, a level cap boost, and more raids and instances on the way, there's really not a NEED for a cash-based gear system. There's still a LOT of content they can open up and plow through.

      Meanwhile, companion pets are awesome, and injecting digital content into the game in the way of pets for cash was a seriously smart idea on Blizzard's part.

      I got myself a little KT. :D

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I played WoW for about 6 months and met approximately one person that was actually quite congenial, but that was probably due to the fact that I've never been one for co-operative play.

      People do say that Blizzard won't introduce paid content into the game for fear of unbalancing it and putting off many players, but lets face it, the paid gear probably wouldn't make much difference until you're level 80, at which point you're properly hooked anyway.

    • Watch Tower profile image

      Watch Tower 8 years ago from New Zealand

      Having been a W.O.W gamer myself, I really loved what they call the vanity pets, now altered to the name champion pets. However I myself draw the line at paying for a non combat pet. and even if it was a combat pet like hunters can have, I still wouldn't pay for it. The Companion pets come in three ways, One you buy from a in game pet merchant, two you hunt and kill perticular bugs animals and the Loot can be a pet, however the drop rate = chance of getting one is most of the time low. So you can spend days to weeks trying to get certain chompaion pets theres a ton of them in game with the new achievement system, it encourages people to get more pets to get the achievement and yup an exclusive pet, so people after the achievement or pet collectors as they are knowen will certainly buy these for sure. More money than sense if you ask me. The Whole pay to get something is already around and thriving. Via an illegal yet often used system known commonly as Gold Sellers. Yup you read right, people spend real world money to purchase Game gold to buy well everything and anything they can. I can say with some pride, all I had with my characters I got by hard work / playing far to much. Some things mainly a lot of high end Armour sets you can not buy you have to play to get them.Though as Blizard battles the gold sellers, and sems never wins thus your prediction of WOW Armour for sale could be bang on the money. Yet though this seems stupid how many second life gamers are out there and pay for every game add on, IE dance moves property etc. However I think due to the nature of Blizzard's WOW game set up, it may find if they introduce the pay for Superior Armour. It may back fire and cost them more than it is worth as they lose players who feel they can no longer compete,/ play due to the fact they will not get to be involved with certain game aspects, where a raid ( group of 10 to 25 people)will not have them because their hard won/ play amour is not up to the pay for power Armour. Setting up another and a new elitist system in game. There is already an elitist system with the Guild and raiding known commonly as Raiding Guilds. Perhaps your boyfriend is in one of them hence the 4 x a week raiding for hours, with the panic attacks if he miss's or is late for a raid, there fore fears losing his standing and place as a raider within the guild. O and in my last reply related to yoru other post on W.O.W to intelligent conversation in W.O.W I found a guild and belonged to one that did have intelligent conversation and was non elitist. A very rare find. Anyway, yes I agree give it time and very likely the case will be you want super power then show us your credit card