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Buy Xbox 360 Accessories Online

Updated on September 29, 2010

If you have read some of my hubs you will no doubt be under the impression i am an avid gamer,and you would be right,i not only love my xbox to death but also a lot of the really cool accessories i have with it to make my life easier when gaming.I am going to share with you my favourite accessories and where and how to buy them online.Nearly everything these days for the xbox is wireless and a lot of the accessories i am going to show you are,some of these accessories i didn't really need but others were an instant must the second they came out as they improved my gaming experience 10 fold.

Xbox 360 Text Messaging Kit

This little bit of kit may look chunky but is an absolute lifesaver,now recently my headset broke and if you have read my hubs and visited me on xbox live you will know i have lots of fans wanting tips and advice on a multitude of games.well it becomes quite difficult when you don't have a headset,typing using the controller and replying to 15 messages is very time consuming,i brought this little number and can now type with ease,to be honest with you i haven't even brought another headset yet as i can type so speedily on this that it makes perfect sense.It just plugs into the front of your controller and despite its looks i can leave it there and play something like fifa without it getting in the way.

Wireless Headset

Now i have never owned one of these as my headset has been broken a while and i just haven't got around to replacing or updating it,but my friend has one and when i recently went round his house to have a go on his new game i had a go and was surprised with how easily you can just leave it in your ear and go about your role of playing the game.My favourite type of game is Fifa so it doesn't warrant a huge amount of communicating with your other players so i like to just leave my headset in and this helps a lot,with the wired one it became uncomfortable after an hour or so but this slips in and feels good in the ear.Been around a while but a great bit of kit

Xbox 360 Larger Hard Drives

The larger hard drive has been a blessing in disguise for a guy that cant seem to delete anything and does like to download a hell of a lot of content,my tiny little 20gb one didn't do it for me,i upgraded to a 120gb one which was great for 6 months or so,but now i like putting the games on my hard drive i have upgraded again to the 250gb one which so far has managed to keep my hording under wraps quite efficiently,these are cheapest to buy online as they can be expensive,but really worth it if you need the space.

Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit

The xbox 360 quick charge kit is a wonderful piece of equipment,if like me you play for hours at a time my standard plug and play charge kit was rubbish,it took hours to charge up while playing and after a year or so only held a full charge for a few hours before running out,so i upgraded,i now have 3 controllers and the quick charge kit can charge 2 batteries while im playing with my fully charged third one,it also charges probably ten times quicker than the original plug and play.Lifesaving bit of kit.

Xbox 360 Intercooler

I like to play for hours at a time and if like me you haven't yet got your hands on an xbox 360 slim that has better cooling then this is the answer,it gets to the point where my fan runs all the time and it is quite noisy,this is the solution it just clips to the back of your xbox and plugs into the mains,it even keeps running after you have switched the xbox off if it is still hot,brilliant bit of kit that has increased the life of my beloved machine.


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