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Buy a 2011 Mint Silver Proof Set Online: Where to Find the Best Deals

Updated on January 30, 2011
2011 Mint Silver Proof Set
2011 Mint Silver Proof Set

This year the US Mint has decided to release the 2011 Mint Silver Proof Set in January instead of the Summer or Fall like they normally do. Silver is becoming increasingly more valuable and buying the 2011 Silver Proof Set is a cool way to collect silver. All 5 Quarters, the Half Dollar and the Dime are all stuck in what is called coin silver which is 90% silver. They are not 100% silver because that would makes the coins too soft and too malleable. The remaining 7 coins are the same proof coins that are in the normal 2011 Mint Proof Set.  All the coins are minted in the San Fransico Mint and have the S mintmark.  They are coined with highly polished dies that make the proof coins much shinier than the regular circulated coins.  The silver coins in the the set have that white luster that only silver coins have.

To get the best deal on a 2011 Mint Silver Proof Set you should order it directly from the US Mint before they sell out. They are currently $67.95 plus shipping. After they are sold out you will be able to find them at your local coin dealer, on eBay or but the new piece will fluctuate with the price of silver which has done nothing but increase for years on end.


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