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Buy a 2011 Silver Eagle Roll Online: Where to Find the Best Deals

Updated on February 21, 2011
2010 Silver Eagle Roll
2010 Silver Eagle Roll

In late 2010 the US mint started to mint uncirculated 2011 silver eagles that will come to the hands of consumers in the early months of 2011. Since 1986 these coins have been prized by collectors as great pieces of minted American history. These American silver eagle coins have been minted every year in uncirculated condition but the proof version was not minted in 2009 as the demand for the uncirculated version was to great to supply blanks to create the proof version. The best way to acquire 2011 uncirculated American silver eagles is to purchase 2011 silver eagle rolls. The rolls give you the smallest amount to pay above spot price instead of paying a premium on each coin if you bought them all individually.

The best deals on a 2011 silver eagle roll can be found in common places like or . You are sure to find some of the cheapest prices in these places, however you will not have the opportunity to examine the coins for yourself and see if there are any damages or nicks because you will have to trust the seller has not gone through and taken all of the good or great condition ones out for themselves. Your local coin dealer will more than likely be more expensive but you will see what you are buying before you buy it. Another amazing place to get a good deal on a 2011 silver eagle roll online would be from . They sell coins based on spot prices and have very low cost above the actual price of silver so that you can get spectacular deals.

No matter where you get your 2011 silver eagle roll you will definitely get your hands on a piece of American numismatic history that you will treasure for a lifetime.


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    • profile image

      Gary 6 years ago

      I really like the part that the bank should sell the Silver Eagles.. You know the dealers oon the street level nnot only pick through the coins but they have outrages markups.. I did fina a site that sell Eaqgles for 3.69 over silver spot price... This is the cheapest I have found thus far. BUT it takes 15 days for them to start the shipping process. I have observed rolls at $800 and up and they are just plain standard coins. Silver at $32 and a roll for $800 = $40 per coin plus shipping and handling. Whereas #32+3.69 = $35.69 per coin and a $17.95 shipping and handling = $36.59 per coin for a substantial discount of $3.41 per coin... AND when you go to the US Mint, its even more costly... Something wrong here..

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Moreover, the banks themselves should sell the coins.

    • AlanSwenson profile image

      AlanSwenson 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      @randall dukes: I agree this is a very unfair practice by the US Government, the current silver eagle policy should stop immediately

    • profile image

      randall dukes 7 years ago