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Girl's Play Vanity or Jewelry Table as Christmas Gifts

Updated on July 25, 2014

Most girls love to watch their mother as she does everything from housework through to cooking and ironing - and makeup and beauty are no exception.

A mother is the main role model for her daughter, meaning most girls like to copy whatever their mother is doing - even if it ends up with a big mess!

Girls of all ages love to look pretty and play dress ups as a range of female role models, from a bride through to a nurse or a hairdresser.

No matter what she chooses to dress as, your little girl will want to practice all the beauty steps she sees her mother performing at her own vanity or beauty table.

And what better way to let her than to buy her a small vanity for her own use?

Beauty Tables & Vanities

Amazon has a huge range of beauty tables for girls of all ages.

Whether you're looking for a basic toddler safe plastic table or a higher quality timber table with drawers and leather covered seat, there is something available.

All tables come with a mirror and chair so your little girl can sit down and practice applying make up or doing her hair while checking out how she looks after application.

You can also buy vanity tables themed to particular movies or books such as a little mermaid vanity table.

Girls can store their special beauty items in the drawers, including their make up, jewellery and hair clips & combs.

One of these tables is sure to provide endless hours of fun for any girl, and hopefully keep her from destroying mom's beauty centre as well!

Tip: One of these tables has endless uses in a child's games, ranging from hairdressing games through to drawing and writing desks.


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