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Buy a Princess Vanity Table Online

Updated on July 17, 2011

Kids Princess Vanity Table

Every little girl want to feel like a princess and a princess vanity table is the perfect way to let her do that every day when she gets ready.

Decorated in the eternally pretty colors of pinks, purples and whites these gorgeously cute princess dressing tables will make any girl feel like a princess.

From the Disney Princess vanity table with it's princesses each side of a heart shaped mirror, to the pink and white elegance of the Dexton Princess Rose Vanity set with its delicate decoration getting ready to play will never have been more fun.

Kids love to lose themselves in a world of magic and enchantment and a princess vanity table is another step on the way to imaginative play.

Princess Vanity Table and Chair Set

 This Levels of Discovery vanity table and chair set has many features any budding princess will love.

From its heart shaped mirror to it's crown backrest this chair will delight all the way. Suitable for children up to age 3 or 50lbs it's the added extras such as a hidden music box and the cushioned back of the chair that make this such a lovely toy.

Other Childrens Princess Vanity Tables

There are also a whole range of other princess vanity tables to choose from including the Step2 Fantasy Vanity with its pull out draw and 3 piece accessory set of mirror, brush and comb, plus the Dexton Princess Rose vanity set mentioned earlier.


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