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Buy action figures from the Manga One Piece Online

Updated on July 16, 2011

Japan has long been pumping out Big Anime and Manga hits for the rest of the world. One Piece is one such Manga/Anime that has exploded in popularity in recent years. It seems everywhere you go these days you can see the familiar characters of Lufi and chopper and the rest of the cast on posters, games and in toy form. The most notable examples are of course the awesome figures that are now being sold. 

If you are a die hard fan of anime and manga you no doubt have a sizable collection of figures and action figures from your favorite series. But what about One piece? Is your collection complete? Perhaps one more statue or figurine from this iconic manga would be the perfect cap to your collection?

If you haven't started collecting One piece figures, why not start? They are sure to be popular for years to come and no doubt will rise in value just like collectibles from older and equally popular Anime and Manga series have. Perhaps with the current boom in all things Japan, One Piece may prove to be an even bigger phenomenon than Dragon Ball or Gundam.

Either way, these figures can be seen not only as excellent investments or additions to collections but also as show pieces in themselves. Some of the more expensive figures are more akin to works of art and could find a place among trendy modern living rooms and dens. 

The best, and probably most fun place to go shopping for these figures is of course Japan. More specifically Akihabara or Osaka's Den Den Town. These are the hot spots in Japan for all things Anime and Manga and Mecca for serious Otaku. But in order to reach these destinations you have to fly all the way out to Japan! Someday you'll be able to make it, but until you do, you can still load up on all the latest One Piece Merchandise by buying online through retailers like

Below are a few of the treasures I've found online. 

Buy Monkey D. Luffy Figures

Luffy! No collection would be complete without the Iconic Luffy D. Monkey! The main character of One Piece is probably everyone's favorite. There are many different versions of Luffy. From the basic Luffy who first appeared in the original manga to the later Luffy's that have appeared in the most recent One Piece Anime and Movies.

If I were selecting a Luffy figure, I would have to go with the most original looking Luffy. The skinny kid with shabby clothes and a big grin looking to become king of the sea! Check out the selection for yourself on the right. 

Buy Chopper Figures

While Luffy may be the main character of one piece, Chopper rapidly became the mascot of the One Piece series. The sad thing though is that it's actually hard to find many collectible statues or figures of Chopper. Because of Chopper's cuddly nature, most Chopper goods are plush toys. However, I've looked through closely and found a few of the nicer Chopper figures they have on sale.

One particularly intersting figure is Flockies Man figure shown on the right. It's a fuzzy figure. Sort of a cross between a plushy and a figure. Very unique. 

There are so many other characters from the One piece Universe to choose from. Check out some more of the choice action figures that can be found online. 

Thank You

Thank you for reading. Please check out some of my other hubs on Japanese culture or other interesting subjects.


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