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Buying Kids Tricycles

Updated on November 27, 2013

Why buy a tricycle

Most children like to be wheeled around in some way of the other. There are children who may be fussy about it but that's mainly down to the fact that they have no control over the movement. At the early stages of walking, your child's leg muscles may not have developed enough to be able to pedal but most kids tricycles have "freewheeling pedals" so that an adult can push while the child's legs are simply resting on the pedals. Once your child develops the strength they will probably want to take over peddling. For most models the adult can control the handling using the push handle from the back to ensure full safety.

A tricycle helps a child in the process of displacement and psycho-motor development as it requires the child to pedal with coordination. Remember when buying a tricycle consider the age and size of the child and go for one which is stable and impact resistant, and also meets the minimum safety standards.

Moreover, riding a tricycle requires skill, coordination, strength and sense of spatial orientation. Some kind of tricycles , are specially designed for smaller children, and incorporate a rear bar handle to be driven and pushed by an adult.

A good thing to always check is the stability of the rear handle. Some tricycles rear push handles tend to be loose with poor response, try to avoid these. The rear handle should be securely connected to the front handlebars through an underneath mechanism.

Radio Flyer Deluxe

One good model I recommend is the Radio Flyer Deluxe as in the picture. Some of the features are a storage bin, adjustable seat, moulded wheels and grip tread, steel tubular frame, freewheeling pedals for coasting, rear push handle to turn front wheel. When the child is old enough the adult turning mechanism can be removed. The steel frame has a flip down foot rest for coasting. Children also love ringing the attached bell for attention.

What to look for

It's rather important to have a good sturdy handle and the back for an adult to hold. There are many tricycles out there with loose flimsy handles, this is not good especially when you want to steer you child out of danger. Also look for tricycles with both free and gear settings. The pedals may be difficult to move for some younger children but having a light gear setting (built into the wheel) help a lot.

The Strider

The strider is a very popular 2 wheeler (not tricycle) for kids aged from 1.5 to 5 yrs old. The strider doesn't have any pedal so it encourages the child to balance in preparation for a standard bicycle.

Small children love to walk the strider while learning to balance. As their balance skills improve then begin gliding it over short distances especially down slight gradients. Even kids who are able to ride a normal bicycle can enjoy the strider.

Radio Flyer Girls Classic Pink

Quite an American classic that keeps fresh as generations go on, sparking the imagination. A dual deck tricycle, with a pink finish that girls will love and also a bell with handle bar streamers.

For stability it has a nice controlled turning radius. and a 12" front wheel. The chrome handle bars give it the finishing touch.


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