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Hanna Barbera's Captain Caveman- Action Figures Plush Toys and Merchendise

Updated on May 2, 2015

Captain Caveman

It is Saturday morning, I flop out of bed, run to the kitchen and check the time. It is 7:50 am. I still have time. I get a bowl of cereal and a glass of Kool Aid and rush to the living room. Saturday morning cartoons are on!! I turn it to channel five and hear the familiar yell. "Captain Captain Caveeeeeeemmmmaaaaannn!" Were you a child in the late seventies or early eighties? . If so you might recognize this trademark scream from a lovable cartoon character named Captain Caveman. Captain Caveman was the main character in the cartoon Captain Caveman and The Teen Angels which ran for three seasons on ABC 1977-1980. During the first two seasons, Captain Caveman was a segment in Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics and Scooby All-Stars. Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels had their own half hour time slot in their third and final season in 1980.

Who was Captain Caveman?

Captain Caveman was a prehistoric caveman found in a block of ice by the the three girls that make up the Teen Angels,The girls thawed him out and so began there adventures together. I especially used to like Captain Caveman's super powers. They included super strength and the ability to pull numerous objects from his hair. He also had a club that popped out different tools that helped him . The club also help him to fly. It was always funny when sometimes his flying power would suddenly go away and he would crash. The Teen Angels and Captain Caveman usually had to solve simple mysteries throughout there episodes.

Did You Know?

DId you know that Captain Caveman was seen as a parody of Chalies Angels?

Did you know that the voice of Capatin Caveman was long time Warner Bros voice over man Mel Blanc?

The future of Captain Caveman

In the last twenty years Captain Caveman has been mentioned or referred to in several cartoons. These cartoons include several direct to video Scooby-Doo movies,Pinky and the Brain, Robot Chicken, and even Family Guy.

Currently, there is no current plans to have the character Captain Caveman make a comeback on either tv or the movies. I do think that this would be a great character to revive for today's movie audience. Captain Caveman's humorous appeal would be a big hit with movie goers. A live action movie similar to the Smurfs would be the type of movie that the studios could aim for.

So You Think Your a Captain Caveman Fan

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