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Card Game Anyone?

Updated on August 22, 2013

Preparation For The Game

Family Tradition

Our family tradition began many years ago with a card game called Spite and Malice. It sounds very competitive and it was. Every family gathering during the year included hours of laughter, food and of course, cards.

Clear the table and bring out the cards. Are you ready? Don't leave for a bathroom break because you're cards may not be the same when you return. You can't do that. The rules say........ You're cheating! These are the memories of a card playing family.

Growing Up

Board games were very popular while I was growing up. With four brothers, we could pass an afternoon with a game of Monopoly. While living in cold climates, snow days could be long and boring. No school meant we could play a game to pass the time. Monopoly was a popular game with the family. We played Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, Chess, and many other popular games over the years.

Cards were limited to Old Maid or Go Fish, not much of a challenge. Board games were much more competitive and appealing. The afternoon usually ended in a fight as we grew tired of playing games and of one another.

Cards Became Popular

It was in my twenties that I seriously began playing cards. During my Grandmother 's visits, we would spend evenings at the table battling over a feisty game of Spite and Malice. She let us know when we crossed a line or broke a rule. Spite and Malice was her favorite card game and she enthusiastically played every game with the intent to win.

In the last three or four years, the card game has changed to Hand and Foot. The game rules change depending on the game location. My brother in Louisiana has different rules than we have here in Texas. When he visits, we play by Texas rules.

The women of the family really enjoy the card games. My Mom and my Mom-in-love are at the center of every card game. They love Hand and Foot and they love to play cards. Just mention a card game and they're there to win.

I spent the latter part of this afternoon with the Moms. We scheduled a couple hours of cards into our day. I didn't win one game! They play quite often while I currently have very little extra time to practice my game. I returned home this evening with a renewed commitment to win next time.

Grab Your Stack

The Card Experience

Playing cards is a great time to visit and catch up on the family news. The time is well spent, allowing time for recreation and a good visit.

I can't forget to mention the great snacks we enjoy during our lengthy card games. Our favorite snack is popcorn, but we will eat cookies, chips, candy or any other edible item in the house. With a DIet Coke or ice tea to sip on, the afternoon flies by.

One Christmas, I gave each of the Moms a visor embroidered with the words CARD SHARK. I could picture them with their visors at the dining room table playing a game of cards. They never did wear those hats, but we enjoy a chuckle over them when they come up in the conversation. Maybe I need to wear one of those visors during my next game of cards. Perhaps I can convince myself to win!

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  • GiftedGrandma profile image


    7 years ago from USA

    Delightful memories. We loved Parcheesi, checkers, scrabble just to mention a few. I'll have to write a hub sometime.

  • profile image

    Marie KIrchner 

    7 years ago

    Always fun! Thank you for capturing the moment in family history.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    Wonderful memories. We used to play competitive team Solitaire! What a riot.


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