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CS GO Gambling

Updated on May 13, 2016

A Trick in Roulette

If you're using gambling sites that use roulettes, there is a certain trick in safely gaining money. However, many of these gambling sites are random, thus this trick would not work 100%.

The Roulette Trick

You know the cs go gambling site: ?

There are 7 black spaces, 7 red spaces, and 1 green space in the roulette in CSGO Double. Mathematically then, there is a 7/15 change for getting a red or a black, and a 1/15 chance for getting a green. Remember this

Although each rounds in CS GO Double is independent, meaning that the result got from round 2 of roulette is irrelevant from the result from round 3, there is a very low chance to get ten reds or ten blacks in a row, and a lower chance to get 10 greens in a row.

The chance of getting a red space in one round is 7/15. The chance of getting a red space in the second round is 7/15. Meaning that the probability of getting two reds in a row is (7/15) X (7/15) which is 49/225. There is a 49/225 chance of getting two reds in a row. Getting three reds in a row, then, is (7/15) X (7/15) X (7/15) which is 343/3375. There is a 343 out of 3375 chance of getting three reds in a row. The probability goes lower and lower as more reds come out in a row. There is a 282475249 out of 576650390600 chance of getting ten reds. It is very unlikely to get ten reds in a row. But, it is still possible.

Still possible, but still very unlikely.

From my experience playing the roulette, I've seen six reds in a row. I've never seen seven red spaces in a row. Never see seven consecutive rows of the same color. This, however, is just my personal experience.

Now, lets look at some possible scenarios.

Lets say you have 10,000 coins, which is around 10 dollars.

Now, what you want to do is wait until you see a green. Now, after you see a green, you still have to wait. Wait until two reds or two black come out in a row. For example:

B: Black Space R: Red Space G: Green Space


A green, then black, then red, then another black, and another black came out. This is a good moment to put in your coins. You have to wait until the color from the results gotten from the last two rounds are the same. Red, then another red or black, then another black.

You have 10,000 coins.

Two same colors in a row had already come out. Lets say two black space had come out consecutively. So,

Round 1: B

Round 2: B

Round 3: ?

1st Bet

You don't know whats going to come out in round 3. But, since a green had come out, and two blacks had already come out, probability wise, it would be pretty wise to put some of your coins in red. Don't put all of your coins on red. Out of the 10,000 coins you have, put 500. Now, you have 500 coins on red. Your have a total of 9,500 coins and 500 coins on red. If you get red, you get 1000 coins back and your total is 10,500 coins. So, you get fifty cents profit. But guess what? In this scenario, in round 3, another black space comes out. So, the result is:

Round 1: B

Round 2: B

Round 3: B

Round 4: ?

2nd Bet

Now, increase the amount of coins you bet. Instead of betting 500, bet 1500 on red. So, because you lost in round 3, you would have a total of 9500 coins. 1500 coins, however, would be on red, so your total that you did not bet would be 8000. If you get red, you would get 3000 coins back, so your total would be 11,000, which is 1000 coins profit. You gained one dollars. But, guess what? Another black space came out. So, the result is:

Round 1:B

Round 2:B

Round 3:B

Round 4:B

Round 5:?

Your total is 8000 coins

3rd Bet

You lost 2000 coins out of your original 10,000. Now, you have 8000 coins left. Increase the amount you bet on red. Bet 2500 coins, 1500 more then your second bet. Your total coins you did not bet would be 5500 coins and 2500 coins would be on red. If you get red, which is likely, your total would be 10,500 coins, which is 500 coins profit. But, guess what? Another black space came out. So, the result is:

Round 1:B

Round 2:B

Round 3:B

Round 4:B

Round 5:B

Round 6:?

Your total is 5,500 coins.

You lost 4,500 coins.

4th Bet

Now, you all in. It is very rare to get six blacks in a row, although I've seen it happen. It is likely that in round 6, you would get red. If you all in, you would put 5,500 coins on red. If you get red, you would have a total of 11,000 coins, which is a 1000 coins profit from your original amount. It is very likely that you would get red, but because each round is independent of one another, it doesn't really matter though. Maybe God doesn't like you, so you get green instead. Its possible. So, this is a pretty safe method, but the downside is that it is very slow to gain profit. Hey, at least you got one dollar profit, right?

The best case scenario is to don't gamble. The only ones who would win is the site, probably. Unless you can see the future. Then, its alright.

Maybe, YOU HAVE A GAMBLING ADDICTION. Joking. Do whatever you want, its your life. But, you shouldn't gamble if you are not eighteen years old. Kiddos, you shouldn't throw away money you got from your parents. Unless you earned your own money. Then I'm wrong. My bad then. Well, here is a little trick in gambling. I hope you enjoyed.

For example:

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