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Cafe World Cheats And Tricks

Updated on June 22, 2011

Cafe World Cheats And Tricks, An Introduction

 So here we are again spending way tooo much time on Facebook playing another game by Zynga lol. Well obviously we are not alone. There are tons of people adding Cafe World to their latest of Facebook addictions. And Why not, it's a pretty fun game to play. In Cafe World you open your own little virtual restaurant where you can create your menu, serve customers, cook food, decorate and so much more.

As with any Zynga game their are many people looking for cheats that will get them ahead faster in the game. Their are plenty of good strategy's that will help you accelerate your game but no real cheats. The occasional bug may be found to make more money or get more items but these are usually patched very quickly by Zynga. Here we will discuss ways for you to quickly get more money, level up and acquire the necessary items to help your cafe grow quicker then you ever imagined without getting your account banned.

Cafe World Cheats and Tricks, Setting Up Your Cafe

 When you first enter Cafe World you will be greeted by an experienced chef who will show you everything you need to get started. From there you create your character. Customize your virtual self however you like and remember you can make changes anytime.

Now to the good stuff, time to start cooking. Your menu is limited at first and different items yield different profit and cafe points.Items that cook and serve faster will give less coins and cafe points then items that take longer.This is where a good plan of action comes in to play. Although the items with shorter cooking times will give you less coins and experience, If you can play for a long period of time you can turn those quicker items over faster and cook even more of them to make more money and cafe points then simply waiting for the slower cooking/higher yielding items to cook. You can't sell what is not cooked.

Another thing to remember is your food will keep cooking even if your not logged in so make sure not to leave anything on the stove or it will get ruined. You will lose your ingredient money and have to pay to clean up the mess. Your biggest key to a successful cafe, just like in the real world, is planning.

Cafe World Cheats and Tricks, Coins and Cash

Although there are many aspects to Cafe World, arguably the most important would be money. Just like a real Cafe if your not making profit your not going to be in business for long. Basically almost everything you do will involve money one way or another.The key to positive cash flow is good planning.Making money is easy enough in Cafe World but you want to make sure you have money to reinvest back in to your cafe. To stay on top of this give yourself a budget and stick to it. remember to put money aside for more ingredients so you can continue to make food and profit. If you are looking at a specific decoration put a small portion of your profits from each sale aside and only buy it when you have saved enough money. As you level up and become busier it will become easier and easier to get all the fancy things you may want. In the beginning though, just keep it simple.

Another thing to remember is Cafe Cash is much harder to come by then coins. When using Cafe cash choose your purchases wisely. Coins can be earned for doing almost anything but the cash is not so easily found. Zynga also has an option to purchase Cafe cash but then you will be spending real money.

For more great ways to earn coins, Cafe Cash, level up and just build the cafe of your dreams check out Cafe World Cheats and Tricks.

Really cool Cafe's

Cafe World Trick To Make Your Waiter Faster


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    • Dizze Blogger profile image

      Nalani Sanderson 

      8 years ago from Oregon

      This is a great hub full of great tips! I don't play Cafe World regularly enough to make much of it, but it is fun nevertheless. I've figured out a few of these strategies myself, but some are new to me. Thanks!

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Just changed the videos.They are all working, enjoy!!

    • prowork profile image


      9 years ago from Marietta , Ohio USA

      I love Cafe World . I play it everyday for hours . Good job on your hub , I just wish the videos worked.

    • profile image


      9 years ago


    • profile image


      9 years ago

    • profile image

      Cafe lover 

      9 years ago

      This is a game played on facebook!

    • cute kitty profile image

      cute kitty 

      9 years ago from england

      what is this game thingy? and yes, I am the first person here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ok, I'm hyper now...


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