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Facebook's Cafe World/Cafeworld How To, Help, Cheats and Tips

Updated on October 3, 2013

Top cheats for Cafe World on Facebook. Easy to understand and amazing.

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Cafe World Help

I have written this hub to help you get through Cafe World and complete your quests in a fraction of the time that you normally do. Even if you don't have an enormous amount of neighbours, I know how to bypass the systems and get all the things you need to complete your quests without waiting for others to send things to you.

Having played this game for almost a year my main problem seemed to be that I didn't have enough neighbours to send me things I needed. My other problem is that I have no patience, I hate waiting and waiting for people to answer my requests.

Being a bit computer-minded and after searching the internet I learned some tricks so that I didn't have to wait and since starting to write on Hubpages I decided it was time to let everyone in on those little secrets that made my Cafe World playing a lot less of a chore and a lot faster in the process.

Some of these things will take a bit of practice to get used to but I will try to explain them as simply as possible.


  • Facegamer and how to use it (a website with free links to all the quests and parts)
  • Neighbour ID Codes (where to find them and what to do with them)
  • Lightning Stove Parts (how to get parts to finish your lightning stove fast)
  • Servings of Food (how to get more for your quest)
  • Spice Crates (how to post a free Spice Crate link for all your friends to use)


First thing to do is bookmark FaceGamer because you are going to use it a lot.

This site is your ultimate weapon against all those nasty little building quests and collecting quests that take up soooo much of your time and energy and frustrate the hell out of you.

Important to know: You really, really, really need to understand, (and the writer of FaceGamer repeats and repeats and repeats this) that when you perform the task that you're going to do your computer will tell you "Uh oh something went wrong in your kitchen" this is because Cafe World doesn't know that you just did something you're not supposed to be able to do, it doesn't mean something went wrong, it means that you just got what you wanted but not the way you were supposed to - it means "uh oh this clever bugger has just got round all our security systems and we can't stop her/him" - and that's a good thing!

Using FaceGamer

The first thing you will need to cheat using this site is the Facebook ID of one of your neighbours, I always choose someone that is no longer playing Cafe World. Here's how:

  • Open your Cafe World.

  • Along the bottom of your screen is a list of all of your neighbours to the right of this are two yellow arrows, click the bottom one until you reach the neighbours that are at the bottom of the list. Now visit each one in turn until you find someone who is clearly not playing Cafe World anymore. They may have rotten food constantly there, and hardly anything in their cafe - that is the person you are looking for.

  • Now open up another page and open Facebook, not Cafe World, just Facebook.

  • Along the top of your page is a blue stripe with a white search box in it. In the search box type the name of your neighbour and press ENTER or the return key.

  • Now what you will get is http:// www. / profile.php? id=EEEEEEEEE&ref=ts

  • Where I have typed the row of EEEEEEEEs there will be a number this is your neighbour's Facebook ID number.

  • Write it down somewhere safe, or stick it on your screen or wall so that you don't lose it and can see it whenever you need it.

Facegamer for Cafe World

I think Facegamer is pretty self-explanatory so I'll just do you a quick run through of what's in there.

The link above will take you directly to the Cafe World Section of Facegamer, however it does have sections for most of the other Facebook games that you play, so for all you lunatics doing Farmville, Cityville and all the other time-consuming games you will find links on the lefthand side of the screen.

Back to the Cafe World Section. There are five links at the top of the page:


Quest Help (newest first)

Quest Help (by theme)

Parts Gifters


The two main ones that I use are "Quest Help (newest first)" and "Parts Gifters".

Quest Help (newest first) will take you to a huge list of all the quests that are currently in action with the newest/latest quests in square pictured boxes at the top.

Find the quest that you are doing and click on the link, you will be transferred to the quest page and it is here that you will find all the things that you have to collect/ask your neighbours for to complete the quest. Scroll down the page till you reach the rows of icons/pictures of the things you are collecting. They are normally numbered so go ahead and click on the first one, you will be taken to the "oh oh something went wrong in your kitchen page" - woohoo you are on the right track - in the white address bar at the top of the page go to the bit that says:


  • what you're going to do is you're going to replace the zero/0 before the & sign with your neighbours ID code that you found out earlier (you did didn't you? If not go do it before you do this).

  • Once you've done this press the ENTER key this will make the page refresh itself and you will again get the "oh oh something went wrong in your kitchen" - it didn't go wrong, well it went wrong for Cafe World, because you've just managed to send yourself whatever it was that you wanted.

  • Now close that page/tab down and you will be back on the page with the little icons/pictures and you get to click on the second icon/picture and repeat the procedure that you just did.

Work your way through each of the icons until you have all that you need. Continue doing this until you complete your quest. You will get quicker at doing this and although it sounds complicated to begin with, give it a week of getting what you want when you want and you will be a whizz at it.

No more waiting for requests to be answered, you can do it yourself - congrats!

Parts Gifters will take you to a list of all the equipment that you can build in Cafe World. This link is for sending parts of the equipment to your friends, you cannot send them to yourself. But if you get together with a friend, they can send the parts to you and you can send parts to them. To use this, click on the one that you need to build and it will take you to the page where you can find the icons.

This time there is only one icon of each thing that you are collecting and you are supposed to be able to send your friends one of each of these items. Which you can do, each day you can send one, BUT I've found a way so that you can send all of the parts in one go, it is time-consuming, but it can be done.

Parts Gifters My Way:

Before you click on the icon, find out who many of the items that you need. Let's say you need five of each of the parts, read the first step carefully before you proceed.

  • You are going to hold the CTRL key down and you're not going to let it go until you have totally, totally finished with all the icons

  • Now click the first icon 5 times.

  • And the second icon 5 times.

  • And the third icon 5 times.

  • And the fourth icon 5 times.

Depending on what browser you are using you will now have a lot of pages opened which you can see at the top or bottom of your browser, either way it's perfect. If you don't have the pages there then you didn't hold down the CTRL key.

Click on the first page, (they have a little beefburger symbol if that helps) each one of these pages will have the option to choose your friends (or if you have 2 accounts as some of us do) you can choose your other account:

  • place a tick in the boxes of everyone you want to send a part to.

  • then click Send Cafe Gift/Invite Request blue button.

  • A new box opens do not click Send.

  • Go to your next page with the little beefburger and repeat the above steps

  • Every time you get to the send box do not click Send.

  • When you have done every single page and ONLY when you've done them all.

  • CLICK SEND, go to the next page, CLICK SEND, go to the next page, CLICK SEND.

  • Do this until you have sent them all.

  • Your friends will receive the notification that you have sent them 5 of each gift.

Aren't you clever? And aren't you the most popular neighbour in the Cafe Word! Of course it's even better if you get your friends to do the same for you. So instead of waiting for 20 friends to send you 20 items, it only takes one person, and 1 day to build your equipment.

Cafe World Lightning Stove

So you need parts to build a lightning stove, well it's a pretty necessary piece of equipment. There are two ways to do this you can get your friend to go to Facegamer and use the Parts Gifter section explained above, AND you can also send yourself a pile of the parts from inside Cafe World? It may be that you just need a couple of parts that you would normally send to your friends when they post a help link on their wall. So here's how you can send them to yourself at the same time as asking for help from your neighbours.

  • Go to your Cafe World.

  • At the bottom of your Cafe screen on the right is 4 yellow boxes, click on the top right one, which is 'Inventory: Collections/Build-ables etc'.

  • And click on Lightning Stove.

  • Click on the Ask For Help green button.

  • And Post to your wall.

This is where your friends will hopefully, maybe, maybe not send you all the parts. BUT you can send a lot of the parts to yourself. Now you can only do this once a day so be careful and do it exactly how I explain. If you mess it up, don't worry there's always tomorrow.

  • Now you need to know how many parts, in total, you need

  • Now go to your Facebook Wall where you can see the request for help that you just posted.

Let's say that you need 2 Flux Switches and 3 Tesla Coils to finish off your stove. So if you have the option (people have different options to what they can and can't send). We're going to use the CTRL trick explained above in Facegamer.

  • Hold down and do not release the CTRL key until you're completely finished.

  • Hold down the CTRL key and click on the link that says you need parts to build a lightning stove - click it five times.

  • Five pages will open on your browser all with the same page.

  • It will be the page that says "select a free gift to send to ......"

  • Go to the first page and choose to send a Flux Switch, don't press send when the box in the middle opens up.

  • Go to the next page and choose to send the second Flux Switch, don't press send.

  • Go to each of the last 3 pages and choose to send a Tesla Coil, without pressing send.

  • When they are all set up to send, then you can go start to press send.

  • Press send and then when the box disappears close that page down and you will be presented with the next one to send, keep doing this until you are back at your Facebook Wall.

You will notice in the bottom left hand side of your screen that little notifications will be popping up telling you that you have sent a part to yourself.

Congrats you've done it and and your lightning stove will be completed.

Cafe World - Food Servings?

On some of the catering quests you need to serve a certain amount of foods. Here's a way to get more than numerous amounts of servings out of one plate of food.

  • Cook some of the food that you need and after you serve it immediately put it into the fridge.
  • Now take out 2 of those servings.
  • Click on the dish and serve just 1 of the servings to Wholesale Dave,
  • Now you will be asked if you want to share the rest with your friends?
  • Of course you do, click the green Share With Friends button.
  • Now choose as many of your neighbours that you think will send a serving back to you.
  • Press send cafe gift.
  • Underneath the names of your friends is a little blue message that says Add Personal Message - in there ask them to send it back to you for your quest.
  • Press send.
  • When you receive servings back, send them a serving back as a thank you.
  • And hopefully they will continue to send it back to you.
  • Keep doing this until you have enough to help you complete your quest.

That 1 dish went to 10 people, which counts towards their quest, then they sent it back to you, so 1 became 10, then when you received it you sent it back to them as a thank you, and hopefully they then send them back to you again, so the the 10 became 20. From 1 serving and 10 friends you got 20 servings. The more friends you send to the more dishes that will come back, and you can always just keep sending them backwards and forwards between you all till you have enough to complete the quest.

Cafe World - Spice Crates

Do your friends need more spices? Well you can happily oblige by using this link:

You can use this as many times as you like, but don't post more than 1 or 2 at a time or your other Facebook friends will get really fed up. Of course you can always customise the sharing of these blogs by making a list of all your Cafeworld friends and then only posting links and shares with the list.


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      Bookboa 5 years ago

      FaceGamer no longer works...Zynga cracked all the codes and apparently none of the links work anymore. JuliesCafeworld has the same problem

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      Eileen Goodall 5 years ago from Buckinghamshire, England

      My pleasure :D

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      Thanks a lot!