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Cafe World Game on Facebook

Updated on April 3, 2010

Dreams of Running Your Own Kitchen?

In some little way the Cafe World game on Facebook can truly be fun. You get a unique chance to show you can handle several stoves in one go. Each course you prepare have different preparation times, and you get some challenges along the way.

You may want to get some insider tips on how you get ahead in this game, and I will try to bring some ideas that can help you move even faster up the levels.

What you need is to realize this is a game running under Flash. It can be somewhat tedious to load the game if you're on slower connections. Nowadays most people should, however, be able to come by this without any major problems. But just nice to know that it isn't your pc that is slow when you're running the game. It is a consequence of a lot of data being collected as you start the game.

You begin with a small kicthen, a small budget and the possibility to add to your original settings as you move up the levels and begin earning money from your efforts on stoves. As you keep the game open, you will notice that your Buzz level rises, and that is closely connected to the game being open and food being served on the counters.

If you end up with empty counters you can easily get some food on your counters by preparing some burgers and tortillas. That will earn some small coins while you wait for your pot roast or chicken to be ready for service.

One image from the game

Methods to Move Ahead

As with most other Facebook games, one key to success is inviting others to become your neighbor. Please notice that some expansions of your restaurant will require a minimum of four neighbors. That can easily be accomplished when you run a good social profile with lots of friends on Facebook.

I have nearly 400 friends on Facebook - most of these came from the Mob Wars and Mafia Wars games, but some of them also play Cafe World. I have some twenty friends who also play Cafe World. This gives quite a few gifts since one of the elements is that on a daily basis you can offer 100 servings of a soup or pancakes or some other delightful dish totally free. By using that function at the bottom of your screen - next to position listings for your friends - you give others a thumb up. As in any other social network being a happy giver will also help you in your own efforts.

Furthermore, becoming a fan of Cafe World will give you occasional emails with bonus items. Truly a good source of taking shortcuts to higher levels. If you don't want to play every day staying up to date as a fan will bring you status updates as you regularly check in to see other people's status updates anyway.

In other words, you decide how fast you want to go. But do be mindful that once you have started a dish such as especially those with shorter cooking times they will easily decay, and you end up cleaning your stove without earning any money for your business.

This Game Is Great Fun

This game is great fun. You can learn some good business lessons in running the pot roast earning you multiple times what you would earn from preparing only 13 servings of burgers. It is essential to expanding your business that you prepare food that earns money for your business, as it would be IRL.

You can't take everything literally, but there is lots of fun in testing this game. If you have a passion for food this is a game that can test whether you are really motivated in that direction. Use the game as great fun, and be prepared to take good lessons from it.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation. If you have any questions about the game, please don't hesitate in asking questions. I want to help as many as possible benefit from the Cafe World game.


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