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Calico Critters House - Review Where to Buy

Updated on December 7, 2012
Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor House
Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor House | Source

Calico Critters House - Top Toys for Christmas 2012

The Calico Critters house - Deluxe Village House is just one of the doll houses that helped Calico Critters Houses get on the Hot Toys for Christmas 2012 list of toys that kids are begging for.

This review will provide the basics about the most popular Calico Critters houses: the Deluxe Village House, Cloverleaf Manor house, and the Country Treehouse, and where to buy them for the cheapest discount prices available online. Even in early summer, stores were having a hard time keeping selections of the these popular models in stock.

Calico Critters Houses reviewed:

  • Deluxe Village House
  • Cloverleaf Manor House
  • Country Treehouse

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If you are considering buying one of these houses, don't expect to just walk into your favorite toy store and get the one you want. As the Christmas shopping season counts down to Christmas Day, customer demand is sure to empty store shelves as fast as they can be stocked.

Where to Buy a Calico Critters House

Savvy shoppers know the best prices and in-stock availability are found online, and the direct shopping links in this guide will take you to the cheapest discount Calico Critters House prices online.

Calico Critters Deluxe Village House

Calico Critters Deluxe Village House
Calico Critters Deluxe Village House | Source
Calico Critters Deluxe Village House
Calico Critters Deluxe Village House | Source

Calico Critters Deluxe Village House

The Calico Critters Deluxe Village House, a spacious three-story residence with dormer windows in the teal blue "tile" roof is the "Flagship" house in the Calico Critters Houses collection.

Loaded with upscale features, like; a full porch, two bay windows that open and close, and French doors that open to a balcony in front, this Calico Critters house is where you will find the doctors and lawyers of Cloverleaf Village.

Inside, this house is loaded with all the features you would want in your dream home. A spiral staircase and white balustrades, leads upstairs. This house has eight different living spaces inside, and as an added touch, it has detachable front lanterns outside! Dimensions: 18" x 18" 16"


  • 3 floors - 9 rooms
  • Bay windows, French doors, and front door that open and close
  • Spiral staircase to upper floors
  • Full front porch
  • No Assembly Required!

Reviews summary: Almost all reviews rated this Calico Critters house at 5 stars, and the ones that didn't were 4 stars! Repeated positive comments were about the versatility of having so many rooms to play with. Their children loved being able to rearrange the furniture and change the rooms around. Hours of imaginary fun. Comments that the house was sturdy and well constructed were common.

Some negative comments:

  1. ALL the bathroom accessories won't fit at once, some parents think the bathroom should be larger
  2. The ladder to the attic doesn't really attach, it just leans, (like a normal ladder), so that any jostling of the house or playmates causes it to fall.
  3. Realistic features were too real for younger children to appreciate

Recommendation: Buy! But for "older", (5 yrs. and up), Calico Critters lovers. Younger children don't seem to appreciate the "finer" realistic details of this house, and are just as satisfied with one of the other houses, like the Cozy Cottage.

Calico Critters Manor House

Calico Critters Manor House
Calico Critters Manor House | Source

Calico Critters Manor House

Every town or village has one, a manor house, and the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor House is the one that defines the Calico Critters village.

This is the superstar - The super-deluxe ultimate dream house! It has 3 large main rooms, spacious enough for all the "best" furnishings, and 6 smaller rooms - a total of 9 rooms for the ultimate Calico Critters lover to play with. It even has a light-up chandelier that can be moved from room to room.

This is the largest of the Calico Critters houses and measures 36 1/2" x 20" x 9 1/4" opened, 18 1/2" x 20" x 14.5" closed.


  • 9 large rooms on 3 floors
  • Chandelier lights up
  • Spacious balcony and rooftop patio
  • Round "stained glass" feature window above the French doors
  • Includes 4 flower boxes and assorted plants that can be used inside or out.

Reviews Summary: 4.5 Starts - The common positive comment was the size and versatility of this play house. Customers liked the large amount of space for many Calico Critters characters.

The common negative comments were the lack of included accessories, and the plainness of the room walls, i.e. no wallpaper or color designs.

Recommendation: Buy! - But once again, this is not a first-piece or starter gift. This Manor House is more suited to the established Calico Critters owner or collector.

Buyers Notes:

  1. The shipping package is easily identified as the Manor house - do beware of the recipient seeing it delivered.
  2. This is the most expensive of the Calico Critters houses, which probably accounts for it to be the hardest to find in-stock - so if you find a bargain you like - Grab it before someone else does.

Calico Critters Country Treehouse

Calico Critters Country Treehouse
Calico Critters Country Treehouse | Source
Calico Critters Country Treehouse
Calico Critters Country Treehouse | Source

Calico Critters Country Treehouse

The Calico Critters Country Treehouse is one of the more complete of the house series. It includes 2 Mango Monkeys, a hot tub, pagoda Gazeebo, and a patio. It has 4 rooms.

It also has a water slide and lake for extra outside pretend play fun. Critters can open the trap door to go down the water slide and splash into the lake. Or they can just relax and take a dip in the hot tub. They can have their meals outside on the patio and cross the bridge to the pagoda to view the scenery scenery!

House measures 18" x 24" x 16"


  • Four rooms
  • Window and doors open
  • Outside hot tub, Pagoda, and patio
  • Waterslide and lake
  • Includes 2 Mango Monkeys

Reviews Summary: Typical positive 4 or 5 Star ratings. Most common positive comments related to the extra play space available with inside/outside design and accessories of this treehouse.

One point to note - this is not an open/close play house, so storage will take some space. Thos toy works best if you have a dedicated spot for it to stay in, whether in play or storage.

Recommendation: Buy! This set has enough accessories that it could be used as a first Calico Critters gift with just a few additional Calico Critters.

ps. remember that thousands of other shoppers will be looking for the same great deals you are, so if you find a bargain you like - don't let a quicker clicker grab it while you "think about it."

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Calico Critters House

Calico Critters House
Calico Critters House | Source
Calico Critters House
Calico Critters House | Source
Calico Critters House
Calico Critters House | Source

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    • Alison Graham profile image

      Alison Graham 7 years ago from UK

      These look fantastic, I would have loved a Calico Critters House when I was a little girl - if they had been invented way back then, but I have had fun looking at the great sets available and love the Manor House.