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Calico Critters House - Where to Buy for Discount Prices

Updated on October 18, 2011
Calico Critters Luxury Townhome Town House
Calico Critters Luxury Townhome Town House | Source

Calico Critters House - Top Toys for Christmas 2010

The Calico Critters Luxury Townhome has joined the other Calico Critters Houses as one of the Hot Toys for Christmas 2010 that kids are pleading for.

This review will provide the basics about the most popular Calico Critters houses, and where to buy them for the cheapest discount prices available online. Even though the cheapest prices are still pretty hefty, stores are having a hard time keeping selections of the best models in stock.

Calico Critters Houses reviewed:

  • Baby Playhouse Windmill
  • Cozy Cottage
  • Luxury Townhome Town House

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If you are considering buying one of these houses, don't count on being able to just walk into your favorite toy store and finding the one you want. As the Christmas shopping season heats up customer demand is sure to empty store shelves as fast as they are stocked.

Where to Buy a Calico Critters House

Savvy shoppers know the best prices and availability are found online, and the direct shopping links in this guide will take you to the cheapest Calico Critters House prices online.

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse
Calico Critters Baby Playhouse | Source
Calico Critters Baby Playhouse
Calico Critters Baby Playhouse | Source

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse

The Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill is a great first gift or as an addition to your Cloverleaf Corner set-up. It is designed as a playhouse for the baby Critters. Among other features it has a turnable windmill that also makes the inside mobile spin.

A perfect match to add to the Calico Critters Baby Play Park Play Set, and the roof comes off so you can add on more rooms like the Baby Bathroom.


  • Unique "build on" features allows you to add more rooms
  • Comes with over 20 furniture pieces and accessories
  • Roof detaches to add more rooms
  • Balloon goes up & down
  • Windmill rotates
  • Ceiling mobile inside rotates

What's included:

  • Baby Play House
  • Bedroom and Kitchen furniture
  • Room, outside, and decor accessories

Review summaries:

Almost all reviews were at least 4 of 5 stars, with parents praising this toys durability and the way it captured and kept childrens' attention. The most common positive comment spoke of kids "playing with this toy for hours", a testament to its choice as a Top Hot Toy for Christmas 2010.

The most common "maybe negative" comment concerned the small parts on the toy. Parents mentioned that sometimes kids needed help getting the small parts re-attached. (they are meant to be removable) * Also - This toy is rated as a choke hazard, and not recommended for children under 3 yrs because of these small parts.

ps. remember, there are 1000's of shoppers looking for the same great deals you are, so if you find a bargain you like - make a decision - don't lose that deal to a quicker clicker.

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House
Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House | Source
Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House
Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House | Source

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House

The Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Playhouse is the perfect way to start a Calico Critter collection!

The cottage comes assembled and ready to play with. It has everything needed for hours of play fun. Over 10 furniture pieces & accessories, including the Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, a bed with matching sheets, a round dining table with chairs, a kitchen counter with a sink & oven,and a moveable ladder for easy access to upstairs. It even has cookware and pretend food!


  • 2 story, 2 room cottage
  • Includes Bell, a Calico Critters Rabbit
  • Includes 2 rooms of furniture
  • Includes accessories like pots, pans, and food

Children can bring different Calico Critters families over for a change of scenery or choose a family to move in and make this Cozy Cottage home.

Reviews summary: There were no negative customer reviews for this toy. Almost all ratings were 5 stars. The most common positive comment concerned how good this toy was as a "starter set", and also as an addition to their Calico Critters village.

Buyer's Notes:

Recent trips to Toys r' Us and Walmart already found 1/2 empty Calico Crittters displays. There were plenty of the Critters figure sets and accessories, but there were few house choices.

ps. Look for listings with a "Buy-It-Now" price to make an immediate purchase, without waiting for an auction to end. (although the best prices are usually in the auction listings)

Calico Critters Townhome

Calico Critters Townhome
Calico Critters Townhome | Source
Calico Critters Townhome
Calico Critters Townhome | Source

Calico Critters Townhome

The Calico Critters Townhome, (or Town House), is the newest addition to the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Village line of toys. The townhome has five rooms, four larger rooms make up the house, and an included room divider can be used to create a fifth room. One of the adorable features of this play house is the lights that turn on and off. A moveable staircase and extra floor area create larger rooms in this house to provide hours of pretend play fun.


  • Front door, French doors and windows open and close
  • Include stair railings, front porch and second floor balcony
  • Expandable using the Conservatory Veranda
  • two lights are interchangeable and can be moved around the house

Reviews summary: 4 of 5 Stars! Another winner. There were a couple "concerns" mentioned in several reviews but they are not really negatives relative to the construction or durability of this house.

  1. House measures approx. 12" x 12" x 16" closed and a couple reviewers thought this was small for a playhouse, (of course it is larger when opened for play), but other moms commented they appreciated the smaller closed size as it did not take so much space to store, but was still large enough to be fun to play with.
  2. Nothing comes with the house. Some Calico Critters repeat buyers were used to some of the other sets which usually include furniture and accessories. They viewed this as a drawback.

Recommendation: Buy! - BUT, not as a first set, unless you are willing to purchase the necessary Calico Critters figures and accessories needed to play with the townhome.

pss. some ebay listings may be one-time deals, and might not be there the next time you look, so if you see a deal you like - make a decision.

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Want even more choices?

Calico Critters House

Calico Critters House Luxury Townhome
Calico Critters House Luxury Townhome | Source
 Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House
Calico Critters Cozy Cottage House | Source

Calico Critters House

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