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Calico Critters Houses On Sale Online

Updated on May 16, 2012

Sylvanian Families Caravan

Looking to take your calico critter family on the road then you can get this great. The calico critter caravan makes the perfect gift for any calico critter fan the set comes with over 30 accessories including round table, plates, cups, utensils, pots, pan, sleeping bags, maps, "board games", iron, soap, towel & much more! Then can even pull the caravan with the calico critter car which is my kids favorite part that it can hook up to a car and be pulled around. Tired of high prices check out clearance price and discount prices at Calico Critters Clearance

Calico Critter Camping Toys

Go camping with your calico critters and kids can come to.  This is a cute little set from calico critters that comes with over 20 pieces including Silky Cat Sister Susie, the set comes with tent, sleeping bag, backpack, camping "gas" stove, kettle, candle lantern, head wrap, stools, plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives & a book this is perfect for any camping adventure that your kids may want to go on.

Calico Critters Tree house

This is my kids new favorite toy because of the tree house look. I don't regret buying this for them at all. It measures 18 x 16 x 24 inches this kit comes with Chico and Marita Mango Monkey, hot tub, steps to pagoda, sunshade with pole, welcome mat, doorbell that actually works, 2 flower boxes, weather vane, 8 railings for first floor walk way, support for bridge, 2 topiary plants, 5 bulrushes, canoe, bridge connecting patio and pagoda, ladder connecting steps above lake to first floor, 2 sticker sheets.  This is a very spacious tree house with three floors being open round rooms for you to place furniture in the rooms for custom floor lay outs.

Sylvanian Families House

Their are so many Sylvanian Families House toys to choose from in the Calico Critter World.  These are quality built toys that kids of all ages love and enjoy.  These are great for usually 3 years and up.  The price tag is a little intimating but once you see the detail that goes into these your mouth will drop and you'll realize you got a deal.


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