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Call Of Duty Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Editions

Updated on October 29, 2010

Call Of Duty Black Ops is just around the corner. The game will be available on November 11th 2010. Just like last years Modern Warfare 2, there will be multiple editions customers will be able to purchase. Last year there was standard, hardened, and prestige. This year will be the same except new content will be included of course. The prestige is the most expensive while the standard is the least. The standard game will just include the game itself and the manual, just like any regular game. So will the hardened edition or prestige edition be worth buying? Well, I guess it depends how much money your willing to spend, and how big of a fan of call of duty you are. Personally, I think the hardened edition is the best buy in terms of content and price. I will explain why later in this article.


The hardened edition will cost $79.99US which is roughly twenty dollars more than the standard edition. Don't let the name fool you, hardened edition basically means special edition. Many other games included special editions in the past. They offer more than just the game and manual. Call of duty just has a fancy way of naming it.

The contents include:

Full game (obviously)

Special edition steel book case included

Four Cooperative missions which is NOT included in the regular standard edition

Call of duty black ops special avatar gift with Xbox live or PS3

Black ops special medal with display case

Prestige Edition

This edition is the god of all the editions. Only so many will be available, and it will be a steep price. This edition will retail for 149.99, even though wal mart's site has it listed for $139.99 (10 dollars cheaper). The prestige edition may go for more or less on eBay though(more most likely). It will definitely cost you more than 100 dollars no matter where you get though. This edition will include everything the hardened edition has, but with even more.

The prestige edition will include an RC remote control car that is featured in the game when players get a killstreak. This can transit video and audio wirelessly to a remote transmitter over a range of 200 Ft. This car will also have a display stand with it. This edition is basically the hardened edition, but it has a remote control car. This would only be a buy if your interested in the car cause you still get everything the hardened edition has.

Zombies return !

The hardened edition will be a great buy for those who enjoyed nazi zombies. This edition has the four cooperative maps which were mentioned at the top. These are the four original nazi zombies from world at war! I am very excited for this edition. This may cost you 20 bucks more, but it includes those maps. Personally, I am buying this edition for the zombie maps.The standard edition will not include these maps. It will just be the game, so if you enjoyed nazi zombies, this will be your preferred edition.


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