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Call Of Duty Black Ops Wager Matches

Updated on November 3, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops will feature a new mode called "wager matches." These are separate from the normal ranked progression in the game. Basically, you wage money against the other players that your going to get top 3. The players who make top 3 will win the losing players money. If your below 3rd place, you lose all your money you waged on. There are four different game types for the wager matches. Wager matches are new to the call of duty universe. This has never been done before. The developers listen to the community and many of these modes were recommended from the players. These modes may not seem realistic, but its a nice change of pace, and something new to play.

The first is called"one in the chamber." Every player in the game will spawn with a pistol. Nothing else. The pistol only has one bullet in the chamber, hence the "one in the chamber" name. If you miss, you will only have a melee option. This will be a pretty tense game considering you only have one bullet to defend yourself with along with your knife. Each player has three lives. If you do manage to kill a player with your bullet then you gain a bullet. Accuracy will be key in order to survive in this mode. The next game mode is called "sticks and stones". All players will be equipped with a crossbow, ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. If a player throws a tomahawk at another player, then they will go bankrupt. The third game mode in wager, is called "gun game". The idea of this game is to go through each weapon tier. You start off with a pistol and keep progressing to the next weapon tier when you kill someone. The first player to go through all the weapons wins. If a player gets knifed,however, then he or she will get set back a weapon tier. Thus preventing that player from using all the weapons as quickly. The final type is called "sharpshooter". Each player is given the same randomly selected weapon. The weapon will switch in a certain amount of time. Players will be rewarded a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier with each kill they get.

Gun Game Wager Match Screenshot
Gun Game Wager Match Screenshot | Source

For the Hardcore Call Of Duty Players?

These all seem to be pretty interesting concepts, but it seems more targeted towards hardcore players. As you can see, these game modes force you to use specific weapons. A player will need to be relatively skilled with every weapon in order to do well. A lot of tension will also be created since you can lose all your money easily. This is of course separate from the ranking progression. Its up to the players on whether or not they will play these wager matches. Call of Duty listens to its fans. They want to make a game experience for you.

Call of Duty keeps making new features with each game. Its been so long since the first call of duty. Personally, I have been following the series for a long time. They have come a long way. Call of Duty used to be lesser than mainstream, now its all the rage. Its good to see that the developers are listening to its fans. If they did not listen to the fans then they would not be able to capitalize on new concepts such as these wages matches. Only time will tell how these wager matches fair.


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