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Call Of Duty: Fast Prestiging Made Easy

Updated on May 30, 2014

Keep Your Aim

This can never be stressed enough. You NEED to always learn how to aim and keep it up. Learn about how to aim properly with your weapons, and like with any other shooter, learn how to always aim for the head. Being able to aim at any moment, in any direction, is a key skill needed for any FPS, and is certainly a must-have for any player who wants to claim high stats and REAL skill. 80% of players can't or refuse to do this, resulting in camping, below sub-par stats and bragging of something that's non-existent.

Pay Attention To The Barracks

The biggest "trick" to prestiging fast is always paying attention to your Barracks stats for your weapons. Every gun has challenges set for certain number of kills, headshots, etc. When using a gun, be sure to do these challenges until you're 1 or 2 points from completion. After that, switch to another gun for the rest of the prestige. The best way is to start with the earliest earned/unlocked weapons, especially those that don't cost any points/money/squad points, and then work your way up to the later weapons. The reason is that every time you prestige, you use those early weapons, finish up their challenge(s) and the EXP in 1 game, and you'll level up (depending on the challenge) anywhere between 3-21 levels in your first game. The key is to also pay attention to the weapons your opponents use, as you will need to steal weapons for some of the challenges to count.

Don't Hide. Nail Your Opposition.

This has been highlighted in my general FPS guide, and by anyone who has rank in Call of Duty. Get out of those corners. Camping will get you nowhere fast, and forget the challenges, you won't even have the stats to be allowed to even talk in the lobby. Despite popular belief of the newer generation of "gamers", Run-and-Gun tactics are NOT a new thing, and it is the epitome of skill. It is also referred to as Original Skill, since the first 10 years of official FPS tournaments came with features that kill people who waste time by camping.

Remember, it doesn't take any skill to sit around and wait for someone to unsuspectingly run by you. That's why little 8-year-old children do it. It's also the reason why skilled and even decent players are able to average 2-10 K/D. This is all due to the increasing number of people who lack the skill or even courage to get out of the corner and learning how to aim/shoot.

However, please take note that this does NOT mean to AIMLESSLY run around. That is just as dumb as camping. You need to learn maps and the basics of how to actually run. Even if it's your first time playing a map, there are basic "Running" guidelines to follow that will prevent you from getting shot, or at least, getting shot without knowing where it came from.

When properly done, you don't need god-like reflexes to pull of the Run-and-Gun tactic. It just requires paying attention and using common sense.


Steal, Steal, Steal

This portion is actually only applied to Infinity Ward creations, as Treyarch creations don't generally have this problem. We don't know why, but you and another person have the same weapon, yours is absolute garbage, and theirs works like god. If you rely on your own weapon, you will lose most of the time, but if you steal their weapon, you can pwn like the god they pretend to be.

But if you need another reason, think of it this way. The more variety of weapons you pick up and can use, the better you can brag about your skill level. Besides getting an up on other players, it's good to learn how to use all the different weapons in the game so that you can always turn a bad situation for the better. Plus, being able to use any weapons at the turn of a dime can allow the biggest necessity for fast prestiging labeled in the first section of this blog.

Plus, you won't have to rely on the Scavenger perk and use another perk that will help out more in its place.

Learn The Maps

While this is just common knowledge for any FPS game, over 70% of players always forget this important step in gaming. This is especially true about campers. A majority of campers will hide in the same spots over and over, and wonder why people can shoot them through walls after the game's been out for over 3-12 months.

It's best that, on release of the game/map-pack, spend 5 minutes to explore each map in custom game (or local game if you want a more accurate game-time reading, since local LAN does not count towards your actual game time). 5 minutes is usually enough to learn each map, so it shouldn't take more than an hour. The rest of the learning comes from actual online gameplay.

By learning the map layouts, you can easily navigate without being an AIMLESS wanderer, and be a true Run and Gunner. Plus, you can easily take out campers while turning corners since you'll be expecting them. At the same time, you'll be able to expect where other RnG players could be, making your match with them more exciting.

Learn Your Guns

As stated above, you must learn how to use every gun in this game, or at least learn the earlier guns better. By spending a little bit of time, you'll learn how the guns react and work, allowing you to have better aim, and ultimately increasing your skill level. As with everything else listed so far, it is an essential requirement for leveling up and prestiging fast. Experiment with different attachments, and find your best setups.

Keep in mind, attachments have renewable challenges in some games (i.e. Ghosts and Black Ops), so your favourite ones will definitely award you more EXP on a daily basis.


Let Go Of The Crutch

As you know, there are a lot of attachments in the game, and while some of them give a definite benefit in some fields, there are a few that are crutches that will prevent you from getting better, and show severe weakness if you're using them after finishing their challenges. Below are a list of attachments that will lower your skill level, and in many cases, lower you back to square one (the level of a noob):

  • Target Finder
  • Tracker Sight
  • Thermal Sight
  • Rapid Fire

These attachments are known as "Crutches" because they are there to make up for the lack of ability, and the laziness to learn any actual skill. Being unable to let go of these crutches, almost 80% of players will never be able to ever rank or even back up any of their bragging. On top of that, never gain any respect from other players.

Find A Mentor

If you're struggling, or if written word just plain doesn't help, there are plenty of players willing to teach others. Who are these players? They're the real pros with the high overall stats that dominate the room. Those with high stats that don't bother teaching players are usually where they are through boosting/glitching/hacking. Players who are truly pro grow tired of playing those lower than them, and teach others in hopes of getting a challenge. This is pure fact.

Don't Make Excuses

When you're not doing good, you're not doing good. Don't make excuses to try to cover up your current inadequacies. Everyone has a bad day or a bad start. Making excuses and getting emotional just makes the situation worse. If it's a bad start, stay calm and get your head in the game. If it's a bad day, just do something else and come back tomorrow.

Before you try blaming connection issues, follow basic Gaming 101 guidelines:

  • Always connect via LAN line
  • Always have server settings to "Best Connection"

There is never an excuse for why you're doing bad, even if someone in the room is cheating. Even though there are people who can't survive without cheating, their absence of skill is so high that any decent player can win against them.

Got a life? So do the rest of us. That's why it's all the more important to learn skills and prestige fast. Make the best of all the time that you spend on this game, and don't waste it just to sit at the bottom of the leaderboard with all the 8-year-old children who play 10x's longer than you and never get better.

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In Closing...

It's all about using your head, bettering yourself, and honing your skills. If it's worth spending time doing, it's worth doing well. Shortcuts will never get you anywhere. Climb to the top on your merits and work hard. That's what it will all boil down to.

It's No Park


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