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Call Of Duty Ghosts How To Raise Kill To Death Ratio ( Cod K/D Ratio Raising )

Updated on December 1, 2013


In this article I will talk about how you can raise your kill to death ratio on Call of Duty Ghosts. While this statistic may not be important to most, some people want this number to be high, and compare themselves to others with, so I will write a guide to help you guys raise this statistic.

I will also add a video below of me going 40-9 on Call of Duty Ghosts from Youtube, and if you enjoy this video don't forget to subscribe on there as I will be posting a lot more videos and doing some contests and give aways in the future.

Why K/D can be important

In Black Ops 2 kill to death ratio clearly was not important. In that game most people focused on their score per minute, as that was a true measure of skill. Although on Call of Duty ghosts you do not have score per minute any longer, therefore players are forced to measure their level of skill based off another stat. While I personally focus more on my win ratio as I play as a team, and objective based game modes, many players base each other off their kill to death ratio or their K/D ratio for short. While in the end, you should have fun I will talk about ways that you can improve your K/D ratio through different methods from game modes, guns, perks, score streaks, but in the end remember that K/D doesn't matter, nor does anything trash talking that happens in the lobbies and that this is just a game.

Another reason i am writing this guide is that some teams require that you have a certain K/D ratio to join their team. While I think this is ridiculous and we do not have this on MKS gaming, some teams require a minimum number before you can even apply to their clan.

Game Modes to Play

Okay so there are a number of game modes that you can play, and as you get better you will go positive in those game modes. My BIGGEST tip to help you with you K/D ratio is get good at one game mode. Playing a new game mode each day and trying them all will simply force you to keep changing game play styles and overall will hurt your ratio. I suggest focusing one one play style that will allow you to dominate in the long run. It may be a rocky road in the beginning but over time you will increase your skill, and eventually form a team with other good players, and will help you boost your win ratio as well.

Playing cranked... This game mode will be tough in the beginning, but once you get enough skill to play this game mode over time you can greatly increase you K/D ratio, and also run through the prestiges very quickly. I have friends that have almost reached the max simply by playing this game mode ( and by the time you are reading this probably have reached the max )...

Team Deathmatch.. This is where I would suggest the millions of campers would go. While they will continue ruining other game modes, this is where they should shine. You can easily camp in a corner, and waste 10 minutes of life in this game mode, and potentially help your team, and raise your K/D ratio.

Objective Based Game Modes.. Okay, so keep in mind this is a great place for you to raise your K/D ratio BUT NOT BY CAMPING. If you play games like domination over time you will learn to cap objectives and get a LOT of kills. I play hardcore domination and usually go anywhere from +10-20 on each game and will always have at least 5 captures. I stress that camping is not good on objective based games based off the win ratio, and how angry your teammates get when you hide. Overall everyone is trying to have fun, and in the end no one is having fun when spending 10 minutes in a corner with a sniper not moving one inch.

Guns to use

Obviously there will be some bias here as I prefer run and gun type weapons, and have always stuck to this in all my guides. So this will mostly talk about the weapons that you can use as far as playing and having an advantage. Not to mention I mostly play hardcore so some of this will mostly apply to my fellow hardcore players, but I will give general tips for weapons as well to help you out.

First let me talk about the attachments that you should look at in order to give you the best odds of increasing your K/D ratio. Obviously adding a scope will increase your accuracy, and help you have a better shot. This will give you better odds at hitting enemies at a further distance as well which is something that is extremely important for all players whether your hiding in a corner, or rushing an objective and defending from players spawning and trying to kill you. Personally I suggest the red dot, and getting good with that sight will allow you to be effective at short and long range. This is important for me, and I highly suggest the red dot sight with a blue dot. Some players prefer other scopes, but to be honest, the red dot is effective, and even when you are looking down sight, you can see enemies on the left and right which allows for more visibility and seeing side players and killing them.

For some players a sight is all they need, but I suggest adding at least a second attachment. First off I would suggest a silencer. This will allow you to not show up on the Sat Com and allow you to shoot without showing up at all on core. This can be very effective for most players, and is something I always suggest for players.

Typically I don't suggest other attachments, unless you are trying to prove a point. FOR INSTANCE, I will have a red dot, and silencer on almost all my classes, but will also have a class with a noob tube set up for those pesky opponents who insist on using that the entire game. As far as changing the fire on the weapon to burst, or single fire I typically do not mess with this solely based on the fact that when I fire anyway I tend to burst fire overall.

When choosing a specific gun I highly suggest looking for guns with other benefits. For instance the ARX 160 has a laser sight attached. This gun is extremely effective and very similar to my favorite gun on Black Ops 2 which was the Peacekeeper. I typically stick to this gun on Ghosts and already have this in gold camo. Most guns have something that makes it different from the rest, and I would suggest choosing one that fits your lay style.

Perks to use

When choosing perks to use, this is based on your game mode, and your play style. Either way I will talk about perks that are effective on all game modes and all weapons that will help you in the end regardless of what you are playing.

First off is Off The Grid. This will make you immune to Sat Com units which are used a LOT in this game. By using this perk you will always stay off the grid, and with a silencer you are completely undetectable for the most part. This is something I use on all my classes to make me effective for all the Sat Coms that get used in the game.

Another essential perk is sleigh of hand. Sleight of hand is very useful for players using any weapon other than a light machine gun. This will allow you to quickly reload even when under fire. This perk is essential and is also on all my classes.

SITREP. Sitrep may very well be the best perk in this game. The reason why is because you will never get killed with an IED or IMS unit. Not to mention that you will see all of the Sat Coms, Ballistic Vests, AND Ammo Crates highlighted which equal a free kill towards killstreaks, but you will also see sentry guns. Another cool thing is you will see grenades thrown as an orange blip as well. Essentially this perk if used right will equal more killstreaks, more points, and allow you to die MUCH less often which will equal a better K/D ratio.

Dead Silence. This perk I personally do not use, because I like the enemy to hear me. Then they come looking for me, and typically I can take them out. Some players do like using this, but with turtle beaches I can still hear you coming ;) so I personally don't usually waste my perk space for this.

Killstreaks to use

Depending on your skill level I would suggest using killstreaks that you can use often. If you are using attack, I would suggest an attack dog. This will usually get you a free kill when you die. Not to mention they typically are hard to kill.

My personal killstreak setup is Sat Com (to help the team), Helicopter (for free kills), and a Gryphon (because I love hearing the enemy complain when I kill them with this). Keep in mind I play hardcore which makes these killstreaks EXTREMELY effective. One shot kill on the gryphon, and the helicopter usually gets 3-7 kills.

The IMS is great for objective placed game to lay down on the objective, and get a free couple kills.

The Sentry Gun can usually take out 2-4 enemies before it dies if placed right, or before an enemy kills it.

Keep in mind that using killstreaks that you can easily get will also lead to getting more killstreaks, and more kills which boosts that ever so important ratio that everyone compares themselves with. Also remember that these are suggestions, and other things are just as effective, but the ones I talked about above allow for the best chances overall. These will allow for quick kills, and help boost that ratio.

My 40-9 Video (Don't Forget to Subscribe)


Overall K/D doesn't matter. You should have fun while playing, but hopefully this guide has helped you, and if it did check out my other Ghosts guides as I post them, follow me on twitter, and check out my Youtube as I will be posting constant videos to help you guys out.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Reid-Roberts 

      3 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Susan, I had to respond.. I don't respond to many comments today because I am so busy streaming and with Youtube, and have not had much time for HubPages,.. BUT it is wonderful to hear you are having fun playing COD :) and while I don't play minecraft I do see the appeal to younger video gamers :).. Thank you for reading :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Bull zhit theres no way to get kd like that for sure your a cheater ill be dam i get shot no matter where im at either that or thosd were bots on super easy

    • profile image

      Susan Price 

      4 years ago

      With a kd ratio about .3 let me not fail to mention, that with the price of one gold membership, the whole family plays. In our house grandma (me) and kids as young as 6 are playing. Mind you the six year olds really would rather play Minecraft, but from time to time they want to hang out in C O D. I tend to be suicidal in Domination trying to get that flag or what I love to do is blast the enemy hind with semtex from my launcher and full magazines from my M27- IAR disregarding who kills me I just keep going. FUN FUN FUN

      These players today were laughing at my kd...I told them I was grandma and I die a lot but I get my kill on!

    • profile image

      Madda Pakka 

      4 years ago

      Honestly I don't like this. I have a 2.10 kd. This doesn't help at all. You just have to win gun fights is really the way to go. Use fast perks for your weapons. No unnecessary perks.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      ^ I could easily pump you with my FP6

    • profile image

      A former competitive cod4/mw3/black ops 

      4 years ago

      You need to be more detailed, like centering crosshairs tricks for hip fire to aim methods, checking corners, using covers ( giving head glitches on maps). But considering you play mostly hardcore I'm not sure you can quite elaborate on what core players do. For instance I don't use silencers in pubs, I want you to see me on the map to come to me, I'm well aware I'm showing up on the map, so when you see it and sprint to me and turn that corner you'll get knifed or hip fired bc as soon as I got the skill I ran off....I planned ahead so one shot and I'm sprinting with almost a full clip and chances are somebody didn't expect my in game mentality to be that quick....rook

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      But u can't use slit hand when u have the other perks so which one one would b good

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This guide is awesome , you make some brilliant it!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      What's your honest K/D?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Good guide but can i add if your like me and do not use grenades and tatical get rid of them and replace with extra perks


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