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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies "Der Riese" 3 Gun glitch

Updated on September 2, 2011

Call of Duty World at War Der Reise

This article will explain how to get three guns on the map pack der reise for the game mode Call of Duty Nazi zombies. This is not a mod or anything like that. It is simply a glitch in the game that can be exploited. This glitch has been around since its release last year and I doubt it will get patched. I know many people try to do the "box glitch" to try to get tons of weapons. This glitch is relatively easy to do,but the maximum amount of weapons you can get is three. One extra weapon can make quite a difference though. Imagine your whole team having three weapons! The nice thing about this glitch is that you only need yourself to do this. A lot of other glitches involve the need for other players to help you. This can be done completely solo which is obviously good.

• First you will need to activate all the teleport stations on the map. This always must be done as the glitch is done using the pack a punch upgrade station

• Some time during game play you will need to buy some bouncing Betties. Make sure you have at least one each round unless you think you are not going to do the glitch that round. This is important to have at least one cause many people forget there going to do the glitch and don't have any bouncing betties that round to perform the glitch. It costs 1000 points to buy bouncing betties

• Try to save a zombie (crawler) if you are going to do the glitch. You need enough time to do this glitch cause if you try to do it in between rounds you may get killed. Use molotovs,grenades, or some other explosives to make a crawler. If possible make a slow one.

Okay now you are setup for the three gun glitch. You only need to do this glitch one time to get three guns unless you die of course. However, if you want to upgrade all three of your guns there is something you need to do in order to attain all three guns. Now I will explain the three gun glitch.


Gun glitch

1. Choose the gun you want to upgrade first and put it into the pack a punch.

2. Once you put it in the pack a punch hurry and run down the stairs and buy a kar 98 and run pack to the pack a punch. (Do this quickly and keep in mind holding a machine gun will slow you down)

3. Now before the gun disappears press the d-pad and quickly press x. Basically when your switching to your bouncing betties you trade it for the gun essentially. At least the game thinks so, but you will still have your bettie(s). You should press the x button as soon as you are switching to your bettie, but keep in mind if you have a machine gun wait longer cause it takes longer to switch. A lot of people make the mistake pressing x to quickly and lose there upgraded gun.

Now you know how to get three guns. You may not do it the first time don't worry you will get it. Just remember if you upgrade two weapons you will not be able to do the glitch later unless you have at least one weapon that is not upgraded.

So how do I upgrade all three weapons without losing one gun?

You do exactly the same thing except you do not need to buy a kar 98. You put the gun in the pack a punch and press the d-pad and as your switching to your betties press X. Don't forget to do this or you will lose a weapon.

A good combination is to upgrade a wanderwaffle, Ray Gun, and a good machine gun.


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    • profile image

      Jaw 7 years ago

      This really works and it has helped me get to level 27 with only 2 people, I love this

      Glitch thank you soo much.

    • profile image

      Shadow 7 years ago

      Thanks. I will also try it. i just keep forgetting to do it. LOL.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States


      I have never tried it, but I doubt it would work with the magic box just by pulling out your bettie. There could be other ways to incorporate though.

      I am going to try it just in case though.

    • profile image

      Shadow 7 years ago

      Is it possible to pull out a bettie before you pick up any gun. Such as from the wall or the random box. I have been curious about it for a while.

    • profile image

      Hello 7 years ago

      All the other tutorials wernt this good, thanks

    • profile image

      BigDaddyMLG 7 years ago

      Thanks a lot! this should help me get the perkaholics anonymous acheivment. Add Me on PSN BigDaddyMLG.