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Call of Duty: BO2 Zombies "Buried" Safety Tips

Updated on July 17, 2013

From the Beginning

When the first round of Buried begins, you find yourself in an open space on top of a tower. There are a couple of guns located in this area of the tower with one brow raiser, a light machine gun, the LSAT. The awe of the presence of this powerful gun in such close range of the starting point is stymied by the difficult access to the gun. The jump to the platform that leads to the wall isn't very difficult to make, but what catches you by surprise is that soon after reaching the platform, it falls. However, there is just enough time to reach the LSAT wallbuy (which costs a whopping 2000 points) before the platform collapses.

Wether you fall from the platform or just jump straight off of the walkway, you will fall to a seemingly covered spot on the floor beneath you, which will collapse itself, and you will be in an uncontrolled slide to the entry way to the central part of the map. In this entry way there is the typical quick/self revive that is found in many of the zombie map beginnings. One new feature implemented in Buried is the chalk weapons that are found on walls and the ability to draw weapons on to walls. This is found early on, as a shotgun chalk drawing is located in the entry way along with its way of becoming an attainable gun. This new feature is discussed more later in the article. From the entry way there are three passages to the central part of the map. This includes two mining passageways, one that travels to the left, and the other travels to the right, each will drop you in a different spot not far into the map. The third passage is just a hole in the ground that will drop you into one of the buildings in the map.

The central part of the map is located under the tower that you start at in round one and includes the mining passages around and above the edges of the map, multiple buildings, a haunted house, and a maze of hedges.


Each building is different and serves a different purpose. The buildings are

  • the Jail
  • the barn
  • the bank
  • the saloon
  • the courthouse
  • what seems to be a library
  • the church
  • the candy shop

and then just a few other random buildings. But just because they are random doesn't mean they don't play an important role.

In the jail you will find a big guy named Leroy locked up in the cell, there is a key to unlock him and get him out, you must then use the booze found in the cell to break out of the jail itself.

In the bank you may either deposit points or withdraw points from previous games in live (doesn't work on local)

In the saloon there are tables that hold booze on them, however you are given only one per round, and if you want more you may buy some at the bar for 1000 points.

In the upstairs of the courthouse you will find the Speed Cola perk machine.

In the library looking building, all of the parts that can build 4 different machines can be found.

In the church is a new perk machine called Vulture.

In the candy shop is candy, which is much like booze in its attainment and how it can be used to fuel Leroy to perform certain acts.

The building on the left hand side of the saloon houses 5 chalk weapons and the Mule Kick Perk machine.

One thing that is pretty neat about the buildings on this map is how they aren't all directly connected, but you do have the ability to jump from rooftop to rooftop (or fly across using a new gun), like a ninja.


You know where some of the perk machines are from the information above.

The Juggernog perk machine is located down an alley in the central part of the map, however it is behind a barrier that you must have Leroy destroy by using the booze.

New Aspects

Chalk Weapons

The process of taking chalk weapons and drawing them on to walls is very simple

  • Walk to chalk image of weapon and hold x to grab chalk
  • Locate a chalk drawn question mark (spread throughout the map)
  • Hold x to draw the chalk weapon in place of the question mark

Once you have drawn the gun on to the wall, you will receive 1000 free points, often enough to reduce or even eliminate the cost of the weapon itself, so you can get a weapon for free.

Mystery Box Weapons

There are a few new weapons that can be found in the mystery box, of the most important however are the Ray Gun Mark II, Paralyzer, and the time bomb.

The Ray Gun Mark II seems to have a bit more power than the original Ray Gun, as well as have a three round burst, and be fully automatic when Pack-A-Punched.

The Paralyzer is a force gun that stops zombies in their tracks before turning them into dust. It doesn't run out of ammo but does over heat when constantly used. The Paralyzer can be used to fly for a few seconds, simply aim at the ground hold the trigger and jump. When Pack-A-Punched the Paralyzer becomes the Petrifier, which takes much longer to over heat and seems to kill zombies a bit quicker.

The time bomb is also a neat new feature, it can only be obtained through the mystery box and you only get one. The next time you receive a new one will be after each max ammo. To use the bomb simply select it, use left trigger to toss it on the ground (in a safe place), and switch back to your guns. If you are downed and lose all of your perks simply pull out the time bomb clock and press right trigger to restore you to the time that you set down the time bomb. You will have the same amount of points, perks, and ammo as when you set down the bomb, and the same number of zombies will be around you, however all opened doors will remain open. When setting down a new time bomb, be careful not to accidentally press right trigger while you have another time bomb already out, as this will restore you back to that round, even if you have happily advanced 10 rounds.

Leroy, Booze, and Candy

Soon after meeting Leroy you find out that it isn't hard to use the booze to have smash through barriers. Simply get his back to the barrier, hand him the booze, and he will run straight in to it. However many tasks can be accomplished with the candy as well.

If you hand it to him out in the open, he will go into a rage and temporarily destroy any zombies that come near you.

If you give him candy near a workbench he will find parts to build a machine. To get him to build a desired machine, put one part down, then give him the candy and he will build the rest, otherwise he follows his own order of building.

If you give him candy next to a crawler, he will babysit that crawler.

If you give him candy next to a closed mystery box, he will hit it, and this will make it impossible to get the teddy bear.

Giving him candy near a mystery box that is presenting a gun will cause him to kick the box, and it will re roll.

Giving him candy next to a teddy beared mystery box will cause him to grab the mystery box from its current position and place it there.

Haunted House, Maze, Pack-A-Punch

Another cool new part of the Buried map is the witch/ghost house.

Upon entering the witch house you will find the Double tap perk machine on your right. When you begin your journey through the house, you will encounter many ghosts, as they pop out around corners to surprise you. Try as much as possible not to get hit by the ghosts because with each hit they will steal 2000 points, which you could need for the Pack-A-Punch later on. After exiting the house one of two things will happen, the first only occurs if before entering the house, the lights in the windows on the front of the house were on, and that is that you will continued to be chased by 1 or more witches, that when all dead will drop a free perk for you. The second option is that the zombies begin to automatically spawn and you get no perk.

Now you can either travel back through the witch house back to the main part of the map, or take on the maze and get to the gazebo in the back that holds the Pack-A-Punch machine.

The maze is always different with each game, so it is trial and error really, however if you have the Paralyzer, you can use it to fly over the green doors and easily make it to the gazebo.

Once at the gazebo carefully head down the stairs, watching for holes that will lead to your death, and make it to the small room with the Pack-A-Punch. It is best not to attempt to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine if there are many zombies behind you, as you will be easily trapped.

To get back to the central part of the map, head back through the maze and haunted house.


New to Zombies is the Vulture Perk, which basically gives you a birds eye view. You will be able to see every wallbuy, perk machine location, and locate the mystery box with ease while using the Vulture perk. You will also receive little drops from many zombies after killing them. These include small amounts of ammo and points. Another neat aspect of this perk is that it creates a green smoke around some of the zombies, and after killing these zombies, if you stand in the smoke you become invisible to other zombies.

The Stamina Perk is also present, allowing for you to run and be active for longer times.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You can use booze to have Leroy break the fountain just outside the entrance to the witch house then proceed through the house and exit out the back. When you find the center of the maze, there is another fountain that you can blow up using grenades, an RPG or either of the ray guns. Blow it up, head to the gazebo for pack-a-punch and when you're done, go back to the center of the maze and jump into the hole where the fountain used to be. It sends you back to the 1st floor of the original buried spawn point. Then jump through the hole in the floor and you'll find yourself right back in the same area as quick revive.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks for that ! :) :) :)


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