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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hardcore Free For All Guide and Tips ( HC FFA BO2 )

Updated on November 24, 2012


In this guide I will give you the tips and strategy needed to win games, get a lot of kills, and have great success when playing hardcore free for all. I will go over the weapons, strategy, and what to do to win games on this game mode.

What is hardcore Free For All.

Hardcore Free For All is a game mode that is essentially every man for himself. Your goal is to get 30 points. You get 1 point for every kill. In that you should focus on trying to get as many kills as possible because the top 3 players are those who win. When playing this game mode there are some tips that will help you win, that will give you an advantage that I will talk about below.


When you are playing hardcore free for all remember that this game mode is hardcore so it is very little ammunition to kill a person. Also there is no constant radar, and that things can be a little more difficult. Remember to reload after each kill especially on small clipped weapons like pistols, sub machine guns, and some assault rifles.

The best weapons in my opinion on hardcore free for all are small machine guns or smg's. This is because with these guns you are truly able to quickly move, quickly aim, and have a high fire rate, which even when you spray makes you extremely effective for taking out an enemy. This will allow you a lot of success in the end when you are focusing on taking out your enemy.

Assault rifles are also good if you can manage you ammo per clip, get a few kills, and take out the enemy over a period of time. This will make the gun effective, and worth using throughout the game. While depending on your level it is hard to say which assault rifle is best, after you try out each one, you will learn which works to the best of your ability. This will also teach you which guns you want to bring with you to the next prestige.

As said above it is hard to give specific weapons, but overall you will learn which guns suit you best. It will take time, but on hardcore it does not matter which weapon you use, but how effective you are with it. With the little health, and no regeneration all weapons are equally powerful, and it is your skill with that weapon that gives you power in free for all. The only real benefit is mobility with a weapon that will give you an advantage hence why I suggest using the sub machine gun.

Tactics and strategy

When you are going to play free for all the best strategy to use is a camping/ moving strategy. You cannot sit in one spot the whole game simply because when a player dies they can view your character until they re-spawn. Therefore if you sit still after a couple kill ( If it takes that long) you will die. Therefore you should move around, but not go to far. Your biggest asset is having the enemy think you are camping, and not being where they think you are, or being able to always be behind them, or have an advantage. If you camp in a hallway, or in a narrow area, you will know all entrances are. Keep watching entrances moving a few step, and having your gun aimed at entry ways.. This will allow you to keep an advantage over the enemy, and stay on top of them if they try to come in. This will also allow you to not be in the same spot, and not be where the enemy is going to spray walking into a room. Your main goal is to always have a slight edge on them. Also, make sure you have enough room to move if a grenade comes in, or something to duck behind if a flash concussion or EMP grenade gets thrown in. You must be able to have tat shot at your enemy, but be protected against the advantages they think they have over you.

IF you must move, don't make it to far. Your area you are camping should be something you know well, that the enemy is going to be going into blind. This will give you an advantage over them, and help you survive for the long term.


When you are playing this game mode, use very simple kill streaks or scorestreaks. You will not be getting large amounts of kills, especially when anything can happen. So with that being said, stick to a UAV.. This is extremely effective because few people use ghost on this game mode. Therefore when you are playing, using a UAV will essentially give everyone's position away, and will allow you to get your next kill streaks with ease.

Don't use a care package. When it drops, everyone on the game will be running to get it. So therefore it is much smarter to use something like the hunter killer. While you can gamble and get something good, getting killed, and giving the enemy your UAV, or a counter uav that will hurt you will be very bad. So therefore use things that are simple that will get you a kill.

RC Cars can be used as well, and will also usually guarantee you a free kill if you know how to use it.

If you are going for a third higher kill streak, I suggest the hellstorm missile, or lightning strike. Keep in mind that usually it is a room of around 10-12, and chances are you will find someone outside. So therefore using one of these will usually get you more than 1 kill per use.


So overall when you are playing free for all you need to keep moving, using smaller weapons for mobility, and take out the enemy. Don't camp in 1 spot, but also running around can negatively affect you especially when the enemy can spawn behind you. if you practice this game mode enough, you will learn the tricks that it takes to spawn camp, take out enemies, and use bigger score streaks.


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