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Call of Duty Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map Review

Updated on February 8, 2011

Ascension Zombie map

Ascension is a new zombie map available for Call of Duty Black Ops on the Xbox 360. It comes with the "first strike map pack." The map pack will also be released for ps3, and PC in March 2011. Ascension takes place within a soviet launch facility, and the zombies are invading! This is by far the largest map to ever be made for Nazi Zombies. For most players, it may take some time to get used to the maps layout. This is way larger than both Kino Der Toten, and five.

At the beginning of the level, the game will be in black & white. The only way to get color is by turning on the power. The developers may have done this black & white scheme due to the original Night of the Living Dead being black & white. Perhaps a throwback to the classic zombie movie? In a way, it makes things more interesting. In the spawn room, there is a giant centrifuge that will turn and spin periodically. This giant arm-like machine can knock you down if your to close. This is not a trap, its more of an environmental factor. This machine can down a player, however, zombies can be killed by it as well.

Ascension has the same premise like all previous maps. Gather points by shooting zombies, and open doors across the map. You will have numerous choices on where to defend. The mystery box makes a return, and you will have the ability to use a pack-a-punch to upgrade your weapons.

New Enemy - Space Monkeys

Hellhounds have been replaced with space monkeys. These monkeys will try to steal your perks. They will jump on top of the perk machines and attempt to destroy them. If they manage to damage the perk machine enough, you will lose that perk. These monkeys can really change the way the game is played. It forces players to defend the perk machines if they wish to keep that perk.

There are no teleporters on this map, however, there are three platform stations across the map. You can call a floating platform, and it will allow you to escape from the zombies temporarily. All the platforms will take you back to the original spawn room where the level starts. This is one of the most notable new features.

The Good

All perks make a return, except for double tap. There are also two new perks, phd flopper and stamin-up.

New weapons - the Gersch device and Matryoshka Dolls

The map is very detailed, and has a lot of places to go.

The floating platforms are a nice addition to the map which allows you to escape from the zombies for a while.

New enemy - Space Monkeys - which will try and steal perks!

Has nearly all aspects of previous zombie maps - traps, mystery box will relocate, power ups perks etc...

The Bad

May be very confusing to players who have never played zombies. Even veteran players may be confused by the maps complex layout, but it depends on the individual.

Double tap perk is not on this map

Players may not like the Black and White screen at the beginning


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    • profile image

      goat girl 6 years ago

      i already own call of duty black ops and i don't have this map. how do i get it? and do i need xbox live? i already have the three maps kino, five, and the arcade. please help this map looks awesome!

    • profile image

      sadaf 6 years ago

      the map is way too big. it's very difficult to find things like perks machines and people get easily split up

    • profile image

      syco836 7 years ago

      another bad is that when you pack-a-punch, u have to have extra money and u can be cornerd. extra money to use lander and enable rocket. i will not tell how to enable and stuff like that. im new>.

    • profile image

      HavYouCeenMyGum_ 7 years ago

      i have a ps3 so i have to wait witch sucks. But I played it on Xbox once and took a while to find my way around. lol

    • Janglin profile image

      Janglin 7 years ago from The Great Midwest

      Can't wait to try it out...... March 1st. Curse you Activision.