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Call of Duty Black Ops Ascension Zombies -Tips & Advice

Updated on February 19, 2011

Black Ops Ascension - New zombie map

Ascension is the new zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops. This map can be downloaded on the Xbox 360 marketplace for 1200 points. It is called the first strike map pack. Also includes 4 multiplayer maps as well. This map pack will also be released for the PC and ps3 in March 2011. The PC version will likely be released in the later part of March, while the Ps3 version will be near the beginning.

Ascension has two new perks, a new melee weapon, and two new throw-able weapons. The melee weapon is called a Sickle. This does the same amount of damage as the bowie knife did in previous zombie maps, however, it is much faster. PhD Flopper & Stamin-up are the new perks. The gersch device & matryoska dolls are new throwable weapons. No monkey bombs can be found from the mystery box, but these items are similar to the monkey bombs. All perks have returned, except double tap sadly.

This map has a very complex layout. There are three landers across the map. These are platforms that can take you back to the center of the soviet facility. They can be used to escape from the zombies. They are called via a button, and will land on the pad.

Tips & Advice for Ascension

(1) During random rounds, space monkeys will land in the soviet facility, and try and steal your perks. During this time, you should protect the most important perks - juggernog being one of them. If your playing with a full team, have each person defend a perk machine. Space monkeys will only attack perks that players have. Also, if none of the monkeys damage the perk machines, you will be given a random perk - along with max ammo after they are all defeated.

(2) The sickle is very useful in the early rounds. The sickle can kill a zombie in one hit the first 11 rounds! This can be a great money making weapon. The sickle is near the top floor lunar lander platform. (Past speed cola) Even later on in the game, it is still great for killing crawlers, and defending barriers. (costs 3000 points)

(3) There are three "Lander Platforms" across the map. Use these to escape from the zombies.(costs 250) It should be noted that it may take roughly 30 seconds to call the floating lander. During this time, make use of the Gersch device if a player(s) has one. The gersch device will suck zombies into a black hole, thus giving you time when waiting for the lunar lander.

Lunar Lander on Ascension Zombie Map
Lunar Lander on Ascension Zombie Map

Black Ops Ascension - Tips & Advice Continued

(4) To access the Pack-A-Punch Weapon Upgrade Machine: All three Lunar Landers need to be used once, and then a switch must be activated next to the power switch. (Located on roof of Ascension) This will make the rocket lift off, opening doors beneath. Inside here, the pack a punch is located.

(5) Make use of the traps located on Ascension. There are fire traps, and automatic machine gun turrets. When running to the Lander Platform on the outskirts of the map, activate the fire trap to prevent the majority of zombies from attacking you temporarily. This is useful since you need time to wait for the lunar lander to land.

(6) In the early rounds, the roof of Ascension is a great spot to defend from zombies. Two players can defend the stairs while one or two defend the window at the top. But be careful, zombies will sometimes jump from alcove above! This is a great spot in the beginning since the mystery box is located here. (along with power switch) However, do not open the gate door barrier, or zombies will come from that direction. This will make it to clustered on the roof...


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