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Call of Duty Black Ops Hidden Bowie Knife Strategy on Moon

Updated on August 28, 2011


This guide will teach you how to get the hidden Bowie Knife on the map zombies, I will also include a pic, so you can see where it is because it is NOT in the open. A few things to keep in mind before getting the Bowie Knife.1. You will need 3000 points for the Bowie knife. 2- this is the most important you CANNOT turn the power on until you have gotten the bowie knife. 3. A crawler will be needed because it will take a couple tries to get the bowie knife. so here we go.

When you start the initial map it will be best to build up your point as much as possible. SO don't waste points on unnecessary things, and knife the zombies as long as possible.

Once you have the money to get to the power room + 3000 , then you can go get your bowie knife. When you enter the power room i cannot stress this enough DO NOT TURN THE POWER ON. You physically cannot get the machete with the power on i PROMISE you. with that being said build up another 1000 coins totaling 4000 to go on to the next room which would be going towards the moon/bio dome.

Go up the first staircase, and continue to the second. Once at the second staircase, if you go to the top of the first landing and look behind you, and Up, you will see the bowie knife way up high on the wall. With no gravity and a little skill jump from the staircase to the wall and pay 3000 for the bowie knife. I will post a video from youtube so you can also grab a better grasp of where to look.

The Bowie Knife is a good thing to have as you can kill the moon men with a few hits in the back while hes distracted, or you can have 1 hit kills up until level 10, 2 hit kills til 15. So as you can see this will help you get more points for your zombies that you are killing.

Another key point i should make is that you can do this with 1 person. Although it may be smarter if you use more than 1 person to distract the zombies and take turns, or so you can better defend using the bowie knives later on.


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