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Call of Duty Black Ops: Nacht Der Untoten Zombie Strategy

Updated on August 29, 2011

Nacht Der Untoten is a zombie map available for Call of Duty Black Ops. Originally, this map could only be played on Call of Duty World At War, but the classic zombie maps were released with the hardened & prestige editions of Black Ops. You can also acquire the old maps by purchasing the Rezurrection map back for 1200 Microsoft points.

Nacht Der Untoten was supposed to just be a simple Easter egg for players who beat World At War, however, it became so popular that more maps were released afterwards. In the Black Ops version of this map, players will get Cold War weapons inside the mystery box instead of World War 2 ones. The player can also get monkey bombs and the thunder gun wonder weapon out of the box. World War 2 weapons like the Thompson can still be bought off the walls though.

Black Ops Nacht Der Untoten Zombie Strategy

This map is very small compared to the maps released afterward. There are 5 windows in the starting room and two weapons to buy off the walls. Start by shooting the zombies with the pistol and knife them when you get close. If you let some zombies come in, you may get a power up like an instant kill from a zombie, which can help considerably.

Buy the Kar98 or the M1A1 carbine once more zombies start coming, or it becomes too difficult to defend with only a pistol and knife. This will be around round 4-5 or so. Do not open the stairs barricade, this most be closed for the strategy to work better!

Nacht Der Untoten Help Room Door

Open the help room door after approximately 5 zombie rounds. Once your inside, either use the mystery box or buy the Thompson off the wall. Using the mystery box is risky because you don't know what weapon you will receive, but buying the Thompson guarantees a decent weapon.

At this point, you and the other players should run around both rooms. There will be a wall where zombies break through in the help room, so watch out for this. It can be repaired if it is damaged just like the other windows in the room(s).

(This is the defending spot)

Opening Staircase in Help Room on Nacht Der Untoten

Individual games will vary, but you should open the staircase inside the help room between rounds 10-12. Once you open them, you will have access to the upstairs area. Find where the grenades are located (near other staircase you left closed).

Camping by grenades/staircase

Defending by the grenades is a great spot because no zombies can come up behind you. Also, as long as that staircase is closed, all the zombies will come in front of you, except the window at the side.

Monkey Bombs, Ray Gun, Rpk or Hk21, and Thundergun

If you want this strategy to work properly, players will need these weapons preferably. The thundergun can blast large groups of zombies, the ray can is powerful, the machine guns make a lot of points, and the monkey bombs will attract the zombies. All these can only be found from the mystery box.

Other weapons may be alright, but eventually, the zombies will be too powerful, or you will simply run out of ammo faster.

Make crawlers to use Mystery Box

Since so many zombies will be attacking from the front, it will be virtually impossible to go to the mystery box. Make crawlers near the end of the round so you have time. Your essentially stopping the round from continuing.

Explosive weapons will make crawlers. The ray gun also does if you shoot the zombies in the lower portion of the body.

At one point, a player will run out of ammo, and will need to use the mystery box, so making crawlers is absolute essential!


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    • profile image

      Jaco Broom 5 years ago

      On the PS3, there is a glitch where you must open the stairwell IN THE MAIN ROOM WHERE YOU BEGIN and the help room door. Do not open the stairway next to the mystery box. Players must crowd around the mystery box except for the one standing in the glitch. The player who stands in the glitch will find a piece of tile leaning against a wall in the Barroom and must stay against the tile while crouched for the glitch to work. To line yourself up in the glitch, look down and line up your vertical crosshairs with the lines on th floor.

    • martypoo profile image

      martypoo 6 years ago

      When u go upstairs on nacht, u go there to die.

      Michael strategy is sound but.. one player cycles round the pillars in first room (must have a powerful gun, thundergun if possible)

      Other players keep mystery box room secure, tap box and be ready to throw a monkey when the cycling player goes down (as he inevitably will from time to time).

      Ps. Cycling round the pillars takes practise, but once you get good at it you can go far.

    • profile image

      Anthony Noell 6 years ago

      Dude i do the strategy all the time its a very good strategy, me and my brother made it to round 83, we both had ray guns and deployables. Gooooood strategy

    • profile image

      Shawn 6 years ago

      For the first few rounds, get everybody to a window and repair them as the zombies are breaking them!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      So i have a strategy to. Two people go into the "help" room while the other two cover the doorway to the start room. This has worked really well and i made it to round 25. Do you agree with my strategy?

    • profile image

      Jerred 6 years ago

      No joke that is a good strategy and I use that same strategy when I play but something always happens to f*** my team up