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Call of Duty Black Ops Prestige - What You Should Know

Updated on December 11, 2010

When people search for Prestige in reference to Call of Duty Black Ops they may be looking for a variety of information. Here you can uncover what it is that you need to know about COD black ops prestige

Black Ops Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition Games Versus the Standard Game:

Regular Edition: Eliminate all the below perks found in the hardened and prestige editions and that is what you get. The basic game with the basic maps and no extra's. Still a ton of fun without those extra perks.
Hardened Edition: Comes with 4 additional Zombie maps. These maps are from the COD 5 game that many have come to love and know. A real black ops medal with display case. Downloadable free outfit for your avatar and a more heavy duty case.
Prestige Edition: You get everything that comes with the hardened edition plus your own little real working spy ready RC XD car equipped with a camera and microphone. This little spy machine is based off the one used in the COD black ops game.

What you Should Know About Prestige in Call of Duty Black Ops

Once you reach level 50 you are given the opportunity to prestige. This is an opportunity you get 15 times.

When you choose to prestige you basically start over from scratch. You lose your classes, weapons, COD points - all of it. So you have to work to regain access to all your weapons, perks and start rebuilding COD points.

The Benefits of Prestige in C.O.D Black Ops

At certain Prestige levels you unlock "specials". These can be additional classes so that you can increase the number of preset weapons and perks - so you can now have additional sniper classes or whatever you need and want. You also unlock new challenges and awards when you prestige which will help you to level up quicker as well. (Read more on Leveling up Faster in Black Ops as well as a detailed Black Ops Game Guide).

Prestige also brings with it a level of respect. As you prestige legitimately you are given an icon next to your gamertag that shows your fellow team mates and enemies that you have some time and skill under your belt and shows that you truly are a dedicated gamer.

One of what I’d call the best perks to opting to prestige in Call of Duty Black Ops is the skill setting. By unlocking all of your hardcore guns and perks and familiarizing yourself with them and then opting NOT to prestige what you lose truly is real skill. By allowing yourself to start over in this first person shooter game with just the basics you re-hone your skills over and over. This opens the opportunity to become a real force to be reckoned with and help you to increase accuracy, technique and strategy. Basically it can help you to be hardcore regardless of whether or not you are using an advanced, more damaging and more accurate weapon.

Don't worry though all your layers purchased for your playercard are yours to keep when you prestige. So it is a good idea to buy all the layers you have COD points for right before you Prestige. 


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