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Why Buy Call of Duty Black Ops!

Updated on July 1, 2014
Call of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty Black Ops Multi player Game Play
Call of Duty Black Ops Multi player Game Play
Call of Duty Black Ops, Zombies Game Play
Call of Duty Black Ops, Zombies Game Play

Black Ops Review

Single player, Multi player, Zombies!

This is the first time we have seen Treyarch produce a none world war 2 game and it is set around the Vietnam war. An interesting setting for a Call of Duty game with Infinity Ward setting their game play around the current present day war zone, Treyarch had to take a look at a different stage in time to set the game. Having taken the Vietnam stage in time to set their game they set off to produce an entertaining story which grips the gamer and pulls you into a war so well known but never experienced. So for the first time in Call of Duty set sail into the vietnam war seeing an all new weapons experience. The guns, the maps, the story and the game play, its all new and ready for the gamer.

This was Treyarchs chance to prove to fans of Call of Duty that they could do just as well in creating an epic online multi player as well as a single player campaign as Infinity Ward can. I believe they have pulled it off and in doing Black Ops, created the start of something which will go down in gaming history. Having been a fan of Call of Duty since the very first was released for the Playstation 2 and a fan of their multi player function since modern warfare (4), I can honestly say that Black Ops is one of the best I have played. I'm a fan of the multi player as I enjoy attempting to get to the highest prestige but my favourite area to the game is zombies. The way I would put it is I liked Treyarchs world at war zombies whereas I loved Treyarchs Black Ops (1) zombies.

Multi Player

The multi player game play experience brought to us by Treyarch is very different to the multi player game play experience brought to us by Infinity Ward. Treyarch have set the multi player game play experience different to that of Infinity Wards Modern Warfare and Treyarchs previous game world at war. With the Vietnam war being the setting for the game, it meant that they could use new, more modern guns than that which would have been seen in world war 2. Today's gamer is more fascinated with the modern wars, with Vietnam not being a popular war to use for games, it meant a unique setting for Call of Duty Black Ops. The maps which we see in Call of Duty Black Ops were good in terms of setting the environment with a varied amount of settings and sized maps. The perks were useful for keeping your soldier equipped as well as ready for battle. The multi player guns were great, some better than others with my slight concern with a few of the guns being a little weak for any usage to have a descent match. The pistols in particular seemed a little weaker than expected with the exception of hardcore mode where the pistols made for a perfect weapon. The game modes were as expected with all the usual modes with a few new additions which made for an entertaining thrill ride. The new game modes were listed under a party category which I thought was interesting, although there not great for XP, they are great fun to play. The camos which you can buy with points earned in multi player, I fount interesting as although I found certain camos a little dull, the gold camo was spectacular. The levelling up felt easy enough with for the first time, an extended ten prestiges added to the original 10 which could be a achieved. So with 20 prestiges, this makes for more than enough time to play the game before you could find yourself with a lack of things to do. I also believe that Black Ops had the best map which I have ever played on a Call of Duty multi player game, with a perfect size, layout and advantage for the player.

Single player

The single player campaign was exceptional with a lot of running, exploding and shooting which is what we expect on a Call of Duty game. I thought the single player experience was very fun with more than enough action to full fill any gamers need for killing a few bad guys. It sets you up for the multi player mayhem which is to come when you enter the multi player game play experience. In the single player campaign you get to play the stealthy, all out assault and helicopter missions. Its a chaotic ride which all first person shooter fans are going to want to play. I believe the creators for the Black Ops game wanted a great story line which has certainly been achieved with a great multi player. I liked the Campaigns progression with a cliff hanger ending which leads you to one conclusion, a second Black Ops. With the games succession in bringing more than any Call of Duty fan could have expected or wanted, this was clearly a recipe for success.


The extra added addition to the game with zombies mode is more than expected from the success this mode brought for Call of Duty world at war. I personally wasn't sure what to expect from this mode as I wasn't sure how the environment and layout for these maps would be. It also crossed my mind whether they would use the original Nazi zombies or a new form of zombies. In playing the game for the first time I found out that the zombies layout and size was the best I'd ever played making the world at war zombies obsolete. The guns, the graphics, the game play, the maps and the perks all added to the success of Black Ops zombies. The best map I found for Black Ops zombies was not from any of the map packs but rather from the original map for the game, Kino Der Toten. The map was medium size with a great technique which could be used to get around zombies and attempt to get to a high round alone or with friends. Zombies mode could be played alone or with friends online/offline which made this mode a great addition to the game with an endless amount of fun.

Fan Takeover

I feel that fans have now dramatically turned to Call of Duty games with the expectations for the best and nothing less. With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops I feel that it is clear that fans were not disappointed with the hope next for a spectacular sequel to this phenomenal game. With this being the game of 2010, everyone who's a fan of first person shooters will have spent their fair share of time killing enemy soldiers and putting the dead back down where they belong. I do not feel as though me have seen such a buzz before a Call of Duty game since the release of Modern Warfare (1).

Classic Games Overview

Awesome multi player, epic single player campaign, with the added addition of having the best zombie killing experience ever created for a video game. This game quite literally has an endless amount of fun which is just waiting to be had. Call of Duty Black Ops has the best map ever seen for a Call of Duty multi player game Nuke town with the best zombie killing experience in gaming history.

Why buy Call of Duty Black Ops?

Its Treyarchs best game in my experience which I have ever played which happened to be the best selling first person shooter in 2010. An epic game with more than enough entertainment provided to last the year until the next Call of Duty game is released. This was the biggest game of 2010, which if you haven't played, you will certainly want to play if you haven't already. With an affordable price of £18/$35 you will feel like you are robbing the company with the endless amount of fun which is waiting to be had.

Thank you for reading my review. Please comment, rate the game and check out my other hubs.

Call of Duty Black Ops Rating

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Call of Duty Black Ops


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