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Black Ops Shangri La Zombies: Perks and What They Do

Updated on August 22, 2011

Black Ops Shangri La Perks

There are a total of seven perk machines on the Call of Duty Black Ops zombie level "Shangri la." Unlike previous zombie maps, the perks on Shangri La do not appear in the same location each time you play. For example, the Juggernog perk may be beside the drawbridge one game you play, but the next time you play, it may be on the opposite side of the level. Treyarch probably felt different starting locations of the the perks would make the game more challenging, or at least give the level some variety.

Just in case you are new to zombies or simply don't know, perks are basically enhancements to yourself that can help you survive longer. For example, the juggernog perk allows you to take more damage.

Here is a list of the perks located on the outside portion of Shangri La:

  1. Juggernog:Gives the player a health boost. Located either beside the bridge or in the mine cart area (changes with speed cola). 2500 points
  2. Quick Revive: The player can revive downed players faster. On solo, you will be revived if you go down. This perk is located in the middle of the spawn area of Shangri La. It is the only perk that does not have another starting spawn location. 1500 points
  3. Speed Cola: Allows the player to reload faster. Located either by the bridge or in the mine cart area ( changes with Juggernog). 3000 points

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Black Ops Shangri La Perks

Here are the remaining perks on Shangri La, in the underground portion of the map. The locations of these perks will vary game to game. Two perk machines are in the small rooms near the power room, one is in the power room, and the other is beside the m16 off-wall weapon.

  1. PHD Flopper: No explosive damage to the player & no fall damage. It also causes a small explosion when diving from a standing position to a prone position. 2000 points
  2. Double Tap: Weapons will have a higher rate of fire. This is best to use on weapons that fire slower because fully automatic weapons already fire fast & using this may make you waste a lot of ammo. 2000 points
  3. Stamin-Up: Allows the player to sprint about twice as long. While this perk does not directly help you when fighting zombies, it can be good to escape from a large group of zombies. 2000 points
  4. Dead Shot Daiquiri: Makes auto aim target the head instead & removes idle sway from sniper rifles. On the PC version of Black Ops, it only makes the reticle smaller & removes sniper sway. 1500 points, but 1000 points on PC.

The easter egg mission for Shangri La

Shangri La: Get all seven perks at once?

Normally, in a Call of Duty zombie map, you can only get a total of 4 perks. On Shangri La, however, it is possible to get all seven perks by completing the easter egg mission. If this is completed the player will not loss any perks when going down.

Another way to get all seven perks is by getting a perk bottle power up from the monkeys (not verified, but I believe this is true, but difficult to do). When the monkeys steal your power ups, the power up will change above them. If you time it right, you can get a perk bottle power up instead of the original power up they stole.

Black Ops Shangri La Discussion

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    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      Without a Dowt shangri la is a good map but kino de totem was better but shangri la gives you more variety so this should make them even right?

    • profile image

      Blake3022 5 years ago

      Ok only 1 person get the 7 perks but u can do it over and over again... Also when u go down and get revived u will still have all 7 perks.. :)

    • profile image

      bi_chmasta 5 years ago

      Wish I could say I had this map by far out of all the videos I've watched this map is the easiest and funniest cuz romero is irritating on cotd and acenstion well its good but not as good or hope to b as hood as shangri la

    • profile image

      Annonymous 6 years ago

      when you complete the easter egg, do all the player get the 7 perks or just 1 player who collects egg?