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Call of Duty Black Ops Verrückt Zombies: Camping Strategy

Updated on August 29, 2011

Verruckt is a zombie level for Call of Duty Black Ops that can be played on the hardened or prestige editions of Black Ops, or be played by purchasing the Rezurrection Map Pack. Verruckt was the first map to include perks, electric fences, and introduce a power room.

Verruckt is different than all other zombie maps, in the sense, that the players are separated from each other. Two players spawn in one room, while the other two spawn in the opposite room. If your playing with less players, the game will still separate everyone. Players in the left room must turn on the power to reunite with their teammates.

The power switch is located across the map. Players in the left room need to remove the stairs barricade, and go through the balconies opening two more doors, and will eventually find the power room. Players should NOT remain in the starting room past round 5.

Using the Mystery Box in the Power Room

It is very important that all players use the mystery box so they can get better weapons. The mystery box will have Cold War era weapons instead of World War 2 weapons, like Call of Duty World at War had. Monkey Bombs and the Winters Howl freezing wonder weapon can also be found in the box. Do not open the door by the stairs in the power room until everyone gets decent weapons because you can defend the power room for a long time.

Once players have good weapons, open the door beside the stairs in the power room. Go through the next room until you are in the room with the speed cola perk. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR NEARBY OR THIS STRATEGY WILL NOT WORK!

Layout (Note where Speed Cola is)

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Black Ops Zombies Verruckt

Defending the room beside Speed Cola (Highly recommend 3-4 Players)

This strategy basically involves holding out in the room beside speed cola. Two players need to defend the entrance in front of speed cola. Most of the zombies will be coming from the power room. One player also needs to defend the window in the room so the players in the front do not get attacked from behind.

The player who has the weakest weapon should defend the barricaded window because there will not be as many zombies. The remaining players who have ray guns, machine guns etc. need to defend the front, where virtually all the zombies will be attacking from.

This strategy will NOT WORK FOREVER! This is merely a way to get to at least round 20 before running around the map using electric fences etc.

The zombies will become too strong in the higher rounds. Eventually, the ray gun becomes the only good weapon, while the machine guns are only good for making points.

Make crawlers of course

Since you can not open the door beside speed cola in order for the strategy to work, you will need to make zombies into crawlers so you can buy perks & use the mystery box when ammo is running low.


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    • profile image

      indians got swagg 5 years ago

      In Verruckt I camped in the box room with another friend and we got to round 30. I had the ray gun and he had the winters howl.

    • profile image

      cool 6 years ago

      I like this strategy...Could be helpful for friends or random people.