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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Survival Tips

Updated on August 28, 2014

In order to not look like a newb:

1. Never use your bullets on the first round. The zombies take as many knife hits to kill them as what round you are on. So, on the first round, they will only take one knife hit to go down. Always use your knife in round one (as well as two and three if you can handle it). This will save you ammo. Ammo is precious.

2. Learn where the good guns are on each map. You can't always rely on the random weapon crate. Key word here, it's random, not to mention you may not have access to it. Know where the wall guns are in each map.

3. Not all guns are created equally. Likewise, just because a gun is hanging on a wall, doesn't mean you should buy it. The AK74u will get you considerably farther than the M14. Practice using each gun and figure out what works best for you. (Don't forget, the zombies get harder with each level. For example, you will find that the Olympia found in the starting area of most levels doesn't do you much good after around round 6).

4. Protect yourself. Don't forget to repair windows, doors, and walls that the zombies come through when you can. Barricades help to slow the zombies down so that you do not have every zombie swarming you and fighting over your brain at the same time. Repairing also has the added bonus of giving you some extra points.

5. Turn on the power. No matter which map you find yourself on, turning on the power is a good thing. Why? Because it gives you access to valuable Perk-a-Colas. Which brings me to my next point.

6. Use Perk-a-Colas. The first perk you should go after is Juggernog. You are going to find yourself in a variety of pickles and this perk increases the number of hits it takes to down you. Once you get this valuable elixir, I could care less what you go for next. Every perk has its pros, find what is right for you. Keep in mind that you are only allowed four at a time and they disappear every time you are downed.

7. Upgrade your weapon. Turning the power on also grants you the opportunity to use the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade weapons. You need to do this. The zombies are only going to get harder and your guns are going to become less and less useful with each round. Pack-a-Punched guns do more damage and will get you farther. Keep in mind that each upgraded weapon costs 5000 points though, so make sure you save up points when you can.

8. Create crawlers. A crawler is a zombie who has had his legs blown off by an explosion. You need time to explore. It's hard to buy weapons, buy doors, buy power ups, and use the random weapon crate when there are a billion zombies bearing down on you. Crawlers are slow and you can easily avoid them. The next round won't start until all the zombies are dead. So, by creating a crawler, you are allowing yourself to explore the map safely and time to use the random weapon box. Beware, though, unless you let the crawler hit you every once in a while, he may die (ending the round) or re spawn with legs somewhere on the map.

9. Create a loop. Eventually, the zombies are going to overrun you. If you have already planned for this by creating a loop, then you are okay. One great tactic is to set up a loop and keep moving. The trick is to not move quick enough for zombies to cut you off, but fast enough to outrun the horde coming at you. Then, you can just run backwards while shooting at the zombies. Consider yourself a zombie shepherd as your herd the zombies around the map. The more comfortable you get with the way zombies move and getting them to go where you want them, the farther you will get.

10. And most importantly, communicate. Turn your mic on and use it. Your teammates need to know where you are and what you are up to. Coordination and communication is the key to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

© 2011 Choxy


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    • Choxy profile image

      Choxy 5 years ago

      Thanks, hector!

    • profile image

      hector 5 years ago

      great strategy nice picture of the dog

    • profile image

      ZombieProNYC 5 years ago

      gd tips my highest is 99 ascension

    • Choxy profile image

      Choxy 6 years ago

      The loop is super important. Happy zombie slaying!

    • profile image

      OG TexXx (360) 6 years ago

      im just now gettin the hang of zombies (kino der toten)..i think the loop is most important and learning how to create space between yourself and zombies..thanks for the tips!

    • Choxy profile image

      Choxy 6 years ago


    • Matthew Hotaling profile image

      Matthew Hotaling 6 years ago from Missouri

      Nice tips and some great zombie strategy!