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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Gameplay & New Feature Ideas?

Updated on August 18, 2011

Black Ops Zombies Gameplay & New Feature Ideas

Call of Duty Black Ops "zombies" has become a very popular game mode. In fact, additional zombies maps were released after the game was already out and the 4th zombie map will arrive on August 23rd 2011 (For the xbox 360 first, then for PS3 & PC later). Zombies was first introduced on Call of Duty World at War, but back then, it was called Nazi zombies. In Black Ops, it is simply referred to as "zombies" because you fight different nationalities. You still may hear it being referred as Nazi zombies though.

Treyarch (developer team) has continued to innovate zombies with each map by introducing new features, larger levels, new weapons, enemies and more. Some of these include the ability to buy perks that will help you fight against the horde of zombies. This is one of the key elements to survive against the zombies as long as you can.

The zombie level Der Riese introduced teleporters, where players could use their points to escape the zombies for a while by teleporting. Shi No Numa introduced an element where the perks were not always in the same spot (game plays different every time you play). It also had Hellhound rounds, which was essentially a special round where demon dogs would attack you instead of zombies. Upgrading weapons was a feature implemented in Der Riese and all current zombie maps. These are just some of the new features etc. that were introduced gradually over time.

Adding new gameplay elements to zombies

While Treyarch has continued to make each and every map different, there has never been any character selection or anything of that nature. As a player, you are only randomly selected as one of the zombie survivors -- you have no chose in this regard. In games like Left for Dead, you can choose your character, why not in Call of Duty zombies?

Another addition that could improve zombies is adding the ability to buy ammo for your weapons. While there are max ammo power ups, most of these are random, and it can be hard to predict when a zombie will drop another one. Adding a max ammo machine or something could offer players more strategy.

In all of the zombie maps, you buy perks, weapons, etc. by using points. These points, however, can not be shared with other players. Imagine if Treyarch added a feature where you could give and receive points from other players. This would add a whole new gameplay aspect to the game. For example, maybe a player is short a few hundred points for a perk, you could give them a few hundred to help them out.

Another feature, in my opinion, that should be added, is the ability to pause the game. Sometimes zombie games can last a couple hours or more and you can not pause the game. Personally, I have been in tons of games where another player had to go to the bathroom or do something for a few minutes. When they come back, they are often dead -- losing all weapons etc..Zombies can be a very fast paced game and if your not playing, you can easily end up dead. It is almost pointless to get so far and end up losing the game because another player was gone for a few minutes. A pause button would be nice. Solo zombies has a pause button, but online cooperative does not. Did Treyarch forget that humans have biological functions?

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty Zombies?

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    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      I love this game. it is one of of my favorite games.

    • profile image

      Ghostwolfe 6 years ago

      Hello, Great article, I am a huge cod: zombie player and like the ideas you have for the character selection. Though when Rezurrection comes out that is suppose to end the whole thing. Though I think that Treyarch is going to surprise us all with a stand alone Zombies game which would be great. Anyways, nice hub great read.