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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies - Making Crawlers

Updated on February 22, 2011

Black Ops making zombies into crawlers

Were you ever in a Black Ops zombie game where a player(s) said "don't kill that zombie, make him a crawler!?" What is a crawler exactly? A crawler is a zombie that gets the lower half of its body blown off, but is still alive. This zombie will continue to try to attack you, however, most of the time, they are very slow. Making crawlers is actually very important when playing zombies. In fact, it is one of the biggest fundamentals for surviving in this game mode. Veteran players know this, but new players may not. This hub will discuss how to make crawlers in different ways, and why they hold such an importance.


To advance to the next round, you obviously need to kill all the zombies on the map. However, if you do not kill the last zombie,the round will be delayed as long as one zombie is still alive. Basically, if you see one zombie left, make him a crawler. Why? This will give you vital time to buy weapons, use mystery box, buy perks, upgrade weapons, or whatever it may be. If you kill all the zombies during a round, the game will automatically advance, throwing a large number of zombies at you. This may make it hard to get things done without getting attacked.

Since zombie mode can not be paused when playing on xbox live, making a crawler at the end of a round can buy you some time. Maybe you need to buy jugger-nog for the next round. Or perhaps you need to upgrade your ray gun cause it has no ammo left.

On the other hand, maybe you need to make a crawler cause you have to piss, or take a s**t. Seriously, why can't we pause the game? Did treyarch forget that we human beings have biological functions such as needing to eat, and go to the bathroom? But seriously, making crawlers does give you time to do whatever you need to do, be it in the game, or outside of the game.

A Nazi Zombie Crawler
A Nazi Zombie Crawler

How To Make Zombies Crawlers In Black Ops

Zombies become crawlers because of explosions. If their lower body gets damaged enough, they will lose their legs. As a result, they will continue to move, but much slower. The zombie will try and move with its arms whilst on the floor. The most common method of making a crawler, intentional or not, is to throw a grenade at it. This will usually cause the zombie to explode, but in many cases, only destroy the lower half of the body.

In the beginning, zombies are very weak, and grenades will usually just kill them. In the later stages of the game such as round 30, it may take multiple grenades to make a zombie into a crawler. Its usually easiest to make zombies into crawlers with grenades during rounds 5-20 or so. (generally)


Throw grenades underneath them, or at least very close. The blast radius will possibly blow their legs off. Sometimes the grenade may just kill them, or will not do enough damage if the zombie is strong.

Use explosive weapons such as the China Lake or LAW in Black Ops Zombies. These weapons are not very good for killing zombies, but are quite effective in making large numbers of crawlers.

If a zombies arm is already blown off, using an explosive weapon or grenade on the zombie will likely kill it.

The ray gun is capable of making crawlers. If you shoot the lower half of a zombies body, it may blow off its legs instead of killing it. This is a great weapon to make crawlers with, however, it will depend how strong the zombie is, and if the ray gun is upgraded or not. When zombies are weak, one shot from the ray gun will automatically kill it, regardless of where you shot it.

The nova six gas zombies can also be be made into crawlers. Yes, they already crawl, but will be even slower if you take their legs out



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