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Buy or Sell - Call of Duty : Black Ops for Xbox 360 ?

Updated on March 22, 2011

Is Call of Duty Black Ops as good as Modern Warfare 2?

Each new release of a Call of Duty video game causes major work stoppages across the United States. Thankfully these aren't all coordinated to happen at the same time, so the trains still run on schedule and there's still someone manning the toll booth on the freeway, but there are still millions of hours of work missed thanks to these video games. So, what's the big deal about Call of Duty?

These games are among the most realistic first person shooters ever created. They each try to put the player in a past warfare situation. Unfortunately, they mostly seem to cover World War 2, Vietnam, and the Cold War. I'd like to see them get in some World War 1 trench warfare (and maybe some biplane flying and bomb dropping for good measure) and maybe even some Civil War gameplay, complete with cannon loading and rifle cleaning.

Anyway, Call of Duty: Black Ops focuses mostly on Southeast Asia and also the Soviet states during the Cold War era. That means nearly modern weaponry and faster and more accurate weapons than were found in some past Call of Duty games, including World at War.

The single player campaign in Black Ops will have you working with black operations, which means you'll be behind enemy lines working with "friendlies". Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence in Black Ops is terrible. The friendly troops you are working with will stand around and do nothing during a firefight. Likewise, the enemy will often just target your character, even when one of the other guys on your side is standing right near the enemy. It gets kind of ridiculous at times, and it's really baffling why this problem exists because I didn't see this in Modern Warfare 2 or even World at War.

The levels in the single player campaign can also become frustrating because the storyline won't advance until you move your character past a certain point and the enemy soldiers will respawn indefinitely. So you can mow down the enemy with absolute precision, but if you don't move your character past some invisible point (and you have no idea where it is) the enemies will just reappear and continue to attack you.

The multiplayer mode of Black Ops is what I play the most, because my three friends don't want to just sit around watching me shoot Communists over and over again. It's alright, although we all would rather the multiplayer on Modern Warfare 2 because we prefer the maps in that game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops introduces the much anticipated Zombie co-op mode. In it, you and a friend can play as John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, among others, as they fight zombies at The Pentagon. I hear this mode is based on real events.

Overall, this is a great game if you've never played Call of Duty games before. The graphics are amazing (I play on the Xbox 360, but you'll also have great graphics on the PS3 version. The graphics on the Wii version will be noticeably worse), the voice-acting is top-notch, and the levels are as good or better than the levels in just about any other first person shooter franchise.

Unfortunately, I have played other Call of Duty games before, and I like several of them better than Black Ops. I feel like they've intentionally dumbed down the game to make it more playable for younger games. Not only does this make for a frustrating experience for older gamers who want more realistic gameplay, but it's also disturbing that they'd would try to widen the appeal of such a violent video game to people who are not yet considered adults.


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