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Call of Duty Black Ops zombie mode returns

Updated on November 3, 2010

Call Of Duty Black ops will feature a zombie mode like World at War had. Yes, that's right, Nazi zombies has returned. Or perhaps there not nazis, but simply zombies...Nonetheless, the concept will be the same. Holding down barricades, buying weapons, and trying to stay alive as long as possible. People who buy the hardened or prestige edition will get four extra zombie maps. These maps were the ones from World at War. Is paying the extra 20 dollars to get hardened edition worth it? Well, if you enjoyed nazi zombies, then the extra cash will be well spent.

Leaked sources on the internet also indicate a new map. **Possible Minor Spoiler**. There is a new map called pentagon that comes with every edition of the game. This map is quite different then the maps on World at War. It takes place within an office building. More of a modern day feel than previous maps. The same concept is applied here such as barricading windows, buying weapons, attaining power ups, and everything else zombie mode previously featured. This map,however,looks pretty complex compared to World at War maps. Der Reise(the last map release for world at war) was quite a large map. The player could utilize teleporters to escape from the zombies. Players could also upgrade all the guns in the game. It required 5000 credits to upgrade a gun. Pentagon apparently has an elevator to escape zombies from.

Black ops zombie mode characters?

Black ops will feature new characters that are playable in zombie mode. Apparently, you can play as historical icons such as John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro. The mission is to defend the pentagon against a horde of zombies. Quite a obscure concept, but its cool to see real historical icons in a fictional event. World at War had four made up characters, an American soldier, Russian soldier, German soldier, and a Japanese solider, that players randomly played as.

Numerous sources indicate that you need to complete the main game in order to play the black ops pentagon map. This is probably true, cause world at war had you complete the game before unlocking the zombie mode map. I would imagine many more maps will be released for black ops zombie mode since its so popular. Nazi zombies had great replay value. The pentagon looks like another step forward in zombie mode. The addition of an elevator seems like an interesting concept. The map appears to be pretty complex and has a modern feel. Modern day weapons will be used on this map, since its in a more modern era.


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